16:57 GMT +318 January 2017


    • Neopalpa donaldtrumpi
      Last update: 15:47 18.01.2017
      15:47 18.01.2017

      Moth Named in Honor of Donald Trump

      Canadian evolutionary biologist and lepidopterist Vazrik Nazari discovered a new species of moths and named it after US President-elect Donald Trump.

    • A ring-tailed lemur
      Last update: 19:09 17.01.2017
      19:09 17.01.2017

      Going, Going, Almost Gone: Madagascar Lemur’s Populations Crash by 95 Percent

      Real-life “prototypes” of the King Julien, the Lord of the Lemurs from the popular animated comedy film “Madagascar,” are facing extinction.

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    • Shepard drinks water on the dry bed of Manjara Dam, which supplies water to Latur and nearby villages in Marathwada region, in the Indian state of Maharashtra. (File)
      Last update: 18:42 15.01.2017
      18:42 15.01.2017

      Dangerous Global Phenomenon: 2016 Threatens to be Hottest Year of the Century

      The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) reported that according to their data, 2016 was the second warmest year ever in record in the US. Most likely, the past 365 days will become the warmest in the last 120 years - at least that is what the preliminary evidence suggests.

    • A model of the earth's internal structure at the Moscow Planetarium.
      Last update: 22:13 13.01.2017
      22:13 13.01.2017

      Have Geologists Solved the Mystery of the Earth’s Core?

      A team of Japanese scientists claim that they have solved one of Earth’s biggest mysteries: the third element that makes up the planet’s inner core. The Tohoku University researchers claim that silicon is the most likely candidate, based on the results of their research.

    • Global warming
      Last update: 17:48 13.01.2017
      17:48 13.01.2017

      Putin Could Help Persuade Trump Climate Change Not 'Hoax' – US Ex-Presidential Nominee

      Russian President Vladimir Putin could do good for the United States by persuading President-elect Donald Trump that climate change is a real problem that needs solution, Michael Dukakis, former Massachusetts governor and Democratic Party presidential nominee in 1988 election, told Sputnik.

    • The exhaust system
      Last update: 23:44 12.01.2017
      23:44 12.01.2017

      Fiat Chrysler Hidden Software Allegedly Violated Emission Laws

      EPA reported that Fiat Chrysler allegedly violated US federal regulations for installing hidden software in vehicles that increased emissions of nitrogen oxides.

    • Kumamoto Prefecture, chickens are seen at a farm where H5 virus was detected in two birds on Sunday
      Last update: 23:21 12.01.2017
      23:21 12.01.2017

      Some 17,000 Chickens Killed in Taiwan Amid Bird Flu Outbreak

      Almost 16,800 chickens were killed in a farm located in western's Taiwanese Yunlin County after an outbreak of an avian influenza, more commonly known as bird flu, local media reported Thursday.

    • Nacreous Clouds over the NASA Radome, McMurdo Station, Antarctica
      Last update: 19:37 12.01.2017
      19:37 12.01.2017

      'Anomalous' Russia's Far North Through the Eyes of Locals (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

      The Extreme North, or Far North, is a massive part of Russia, which is known for its harsh cold, especially during the winter time. Thanks to its unique geographical position, it can also boast a variety of rare phenomena that impress even native people.

    • Bees
      Last update: 18:20 12.01.2017
      18:20 12.01.2017

      Big Biotech EU Lobbying Could Hamper Progress on Killer Pesticides Ban

      Neonicotinoid pesticides are a serious threat to honeybees and many other insect species, according to a Greenpeace scientific review - but an environmental campaign group has told Sputnik that lobbying from farming and pesticide interest groups could mean reform is difficult to achieve.

    • Business deal
      Last update: 13:33 12.01.2017
      13:33 12.01.2017

      UN Adviser Doubts Potential US-UK Trade Deal to Benefit Environment

      A potential free trade deal between Washington and London is unlikely to avoid threatening the environment, UN Secretary-General’s Special Adviser on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) Jeffrey Sachs told Sputnik on Thursday.

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    • Red cow
      Last update: 03:41 12.01.2017
      03:41 12.01.2017

      Scientists Trying To Resurrect Elephant-Sized Cows That Once Populated Europe

      Scientists say they are very close to resurrecting the auroch, an ancient species of cow the size of an elephant.

    • City Hall Stockholm, Sweden
      Last update: 03:37 12.01.2017
      03:37 12.01.2017

      Swedish Billboard Coughs Near Smokers (VIDEO)

      Have no fear when a smoker lurks near. An interactive advertisement placed in a Stockholm city plaza coughs upon sensing the presence of second-hand smoke.

    • Coral reef, Pacific
      Last update: 01:04 12.01.2017
      01:04 12.01.2017

      Largest Coral Reef in Northern Hemisphere Almost Dead, Global Warming Blamed

      The Sekiseishoko coral reef, the largest reef both in Japan and in the Northern Hemisphere, is 70 percent percent dead, and soon could face total extinction due to global warming, according to Environment Ministry of Japan.

    • Volkswagen
      Last update: 21:53 11.01.2017
      21:53 11.01.2017

      Volkswagen Agrees to Pay $4.3Bln for Environmental Violations in US

      Volkswagen agreed to pay a $2.8 billion criminal penalty over environmental, customs and financial violations in the United States.

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    • Africanized bee
      Last update: 22:09 10.01.2017
      22:09 10.01.2017

      Beemageddon: Pesticides Kill Over 10 million Pollinators in Brazil

      An estimated 10 million honey bees were killed over several days in the countryside of São Paulo state, Brazil. The suspected cause of death is reported to be airborne pesticides.

    • Gas station
      Last update: 16:22 10.01.2017
      16:22 10.01.2017

      Extreme 'Fuelishness': Falling Petrol Taxes Drive Greenhouse Emissions

      The average tax on petrol in 157 nations, accounting for 97 percent of the world's population and 98 percent of the world's greenhouse gas emissions, has fallen 13 percent in 13 years, despite increasing worldwide recognition of the need to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions, researchers have found.

    • Environmentalists demonstrate near the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, France, as the World Climate Change Conference 2015 (COP21) continues at Le Bourget, December 12, 2015
      Last update: 02:41 07.01.2017
      02:41 07.01.2017

      EU Climate Change Group: 2016 Hottest Year Ever

      The European Union’s Copernicus Climate Change Service has announced that 2016 is the warmest year on record since measurements began in the 19th century, beating the previous average global temperature record set in 2015 by almost 0.2 degrees Celsius.

    • People, with help from heavy equipment, remove snow in South Buffalo, New York November 22, 2014
      Last update: 22:09 06.01.2017
      22:09 06.01.2017

      Winter Storm Causes Panic Across the American South (PHOTOS)

      A Winter Storm approaches the American South, and Bible Belt states are preparing for a rare moderate snowfall by cleaning out grocery stores. Meteorologists predict that more than six inches will fall on Virginia as well as North and South Carolina over the weekend. Icy conditions are predicted for Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia.

    • This picture taken on January 29, 2013 shows a general view of buildings in the heavy smog in Jilin, northeast China's Jilin province
      Last update: 09:35 05.01.2017
      09:35 05.01.2017

      Going Green: China to Invest $360Bln in Renewable Energy Before 2020

      Beijing plans to increase the consumption of non-fossil energy resources in order to reduce the consumption of coal, and boost the share of solar, water power, geothermal and wind energy.

    • Fox
      Last update: 20:37 04.01.2017
      20:37 04.01.2017

      British Wildlife at Risk After Brexit, Warn MPs

      A group of British MPs have issued a warning to the government that Britain's wildlife and farming industry could face "significant risks" when the UK leaves the EU.