Team Trump Ignites Social Media With ‘WITCH HUNT’ Merch

© Wikimedia Commons / Gage SkidmoreUS President Donald Trump, then candidate Donald Trump, wears a "Make America Great Again" hat at a rally in Arizona.
US President Donald Trump, then candidate Donald Trump, wears a Make America Great Again hat  at a rally in Arizona. - Sputnik International
The business savviness that Donald Trump often boasts about has manifested itself again as the US president’s campaign decided to celebrate the end of the Mueller investigation by cashing in on a famous POTUS Twitter term. This has given new life to an old saying that can now be modified to “if life gives you witch hunts, make merchandise”.

The US president’s campaign, which has already flooded the US with MAGA hats, has introduced a limited addition to their line of merchandise inspired by the latest twist in the two-year-long scandal over Donald Trump’s alleged collusion with Russia and obstruction of justice. 

After the release of Attorney General William Barr’s review of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation report, which said that no evidence of collusion had been found, the Trump team offered MAGA supporters mugs, T-shirts ($30 each) and decals ($9) with the commander-in-chief’s two-word Twitter expression: “WITCH HUNT”.

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The introduction to the items on social media said that “the Democrats raised millions off a lie”, and thus it was time to fight back. The profit is said to be going to the Trump Make America Great Again Committee, described as “a joint fundraising committee authorised by and composed of Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. and the Republican National Committee”, according to The Huffington Post.

​The special treat has received a mixed response online. Some seemed to enjoy the new merchandise, or at least found it amusing.

​Others slammed Trump for trying to monetise the scandal.

​While there were those who did not seem to like the pricing.

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