17:10 GMT14 August 2020
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    On July 18, the co-founder of the right-wing English Defense League (EDL), Tommy Robinson, is set to appeal his 13-month prison sentence for contempt of court after livestreaming outside a courthouse, while a gang rape trial, which was a subject to blanket reporting restrictions, was still underway.

    Discussing the right-wing activist’s prison term during ex-UKIP leader Nigel Farage’s LBS radio show on Sunday, former senior adviser to US President Donald Trump Stephen Bannon called for his release.

    “I don’t think he’s a bad guy. I think he’s a solid guy and I think he’s got to be released from prison,” Trump’s ex-chief strategist said.

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    LBC’s political editor Theo Usherwood then repeatedly interrupted Bannon, saying that Robinson “broke the law.”

    “A lot of people would say that that law is too restrictive,” Bannon responded, adding that the details of Robinson’s offense were “highly technical.” He further asked Usherwood: “Are you a news guy? You’ve got to go a lot better.”

    The editor then answered, “I’m calling you out on something,” but Farage interfered, ending the spat by supporting Usherwood’s stance: “I take the view as well that Tommy broke the law.”

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    After the show Usherwood tweeted that Bannon had unleashed his fury at him once they were off-air.

    Usherwood was later slammed by former UKIP chief adviser and Breitbart London editor Raheem Kassam, who also was in the studio, and accused him of tweeting “off the record conversations.”

    The LBC’s journalist rushed to deny the accusations, striking back at Kassam on Twitter:

    Bannon’s statements calling for Robinson’s release came shortly after Reuters reported that Trump’s Ambassador for International Religious Freedom Sam Brownback had warned that the current US administration might publicly criticize the British government over its handling of the case if the UK didn’t treat the EDL founder more “sympathetically.”

    In late May, Tommy Robinson was accused of breaching the peace, while recording a Facebook live video outside a court in Leeds, where a closed criminal trial was being held. Later the same day, he admitted to the contempt of court charge and was sentenced to 13 months in jail.

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    He was already on a suspended sentence, which made the judge activate a three-month term for a previous offense and add 10 months for the new one. Robinson is expected to appeal his sentence on July 18, but will not ask to review his conviction for contempt of court.


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