9 July 2014, 04:06

Israeli Unleashes Large Scale Bombardment of Gaza

Israeli Unleashes Large Scale Bombardment of Gaza

By Andrew Hiller

WASHINGTON (VR) –Israeli jets attacked at least 50 targets in the Gaza Strip earlier today. At least 15 people were reportedly killed, many others wounded. The action follows over 100 rockets being fired from Gaza into Israeli territory, failed US peace negotiations, the kidnapping and murder of three Israeli teenagers and a retaliatiatory murder by Israelis against a Palestinian teenager.

Lia Tarachansky, a correspondent with the Real News Network, who resides in Jaffa, describes a situation in which residents of the West Bank has endured thirty days of heavy military action in what she calls the biggest military operation in over a decade. Gaza too, is under attack.

"Today, just an hour ago there were another four people killed," she said.

Tarachansky is not sure that you can call the situation a war, but denounces the term a “conflict.”

"Look, there's an ongoing war on Palestinians that have going on since the creation of the state of Israel!" the director of "On the Side of the Road" proclaimed, adding that in her opinion Israel has been guilty of attempts at ethnic cleansing multiple times, "You can call it a crisis, a flare up, whatever you want to call it, but one thing I don't want to call it is a conflict."

She concedes though, that despite the increase in bombardment and military action, Israel is doing everything within its power to not breach the line between crisis and war.

"It's pretty clear at this point that both sides are trying to steer clear of a full-blown war," Tarachansky said, adding, "Israeli intelligence officers have even called families in the Gaza Strip warning them that their house is going to be bombed and to leave their house."

She says that this is proof that this operation has more to do with symbolism and Israel flexing its muscles.

"It was a political tool."

The one thing she said it was not was retaliation for the death of the three Israeli teenagers.

“The day after the kidnappings happened” Tarachansky reports, "the Israeli Intelligence Service, both the domestic and the foreign, had the names of the suspects and they had already known that the kidnapped teenagers were dead."

Tarachansky said this information was revealed to the press on the third day, but that they were forced to hold onto the information under a gag order and instead Israel continued "feeding the public with false hope about the potentiality that these teenagers are still alive. And for seventeen days, we've been dragged here through the hope that maybe they are alive meanwhile the top journalists, the government, and the intelligence agencies knew that they were dead and were using it as a reason as to why to launch this huge invasion in the West Bank."

Tarachansky says that she has reported these facts as a correspondent for the Real News Network. Radio VR has not been able to corroborate Tarachanky's findings and cannot vouch for their accuracy.

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