On Ottawa shooting which claimed the life of a soldier

JR: "Sadly, this was the second incident [in Canada] this week. There was a little-reported incident that a jihadist had got into a car and ran over two soldiers in a shopping mall. So this is something of great concern... and the Canadians in these situations tend to take on some very serious laws."

AN: "Well there were other terrorist incidents in Canada, so it's not like it's the first time. What I find remarkable is that when Canada's parliament votes about the country taking part in the coalition against ISIS, don't the politicians understand that there should be some level of security introduced, because these thugs have been threatening every country that is joining the coalition."

The US mid-term elections which will cost a record $4bn

JR: “It is absolutely the most expensive election until the next one. If you think you can avoid it on TV, you can’t, it is everywhere, ad nauseam. It is being called the ‘Seinfeld election’ which was a show about nothing and this is an election about nothing. If there are not enough people and there is not enough turnout, it becomes a dangerous situation because of the weighing of the votes of the radical view.”

MP: “The problem with the American election - you know you are going mid-way through the second term, you know you are going so what is there to fight for? I think Obama has been a liability over the last two years, I don’t how he can get people excited again, there is apathy, maybe the economy is doing too well.”

AN: “Generally the problem with American elections is that it is just too expensive, it is getting out of hand and out of control. There will be $4 billion to be spent on it, but there is no excitement. It is like paying for an expensive ticket to see a pop star and then find out he can’t sing or play or dance. The American political system has become boring.”

On the death of Ben Bradley, former editor of the Washington Post

JR: “Everybody knows the Watergate scandal and what it did. It created journalism schools across the country. Ben Bradley actually went to the owner of the Washington Post and said: ‘we are running this, if you don’t, I will resign’. He was a brave man who understood news and the value of a good story. He was a remarkable man and somebody to look up in journalism.”

AN: “I am not a fan of this whole angle of history suggesting that Watergate was a scandal because it was a set-up. Nixon was set up by disgruntled FBI top agent. Before the Watergate scandal, Ben Bradley covered up a huge scandal involving John Kennedy who was frolicking with a prostitute. He covered it up because he realised it would bring down Kennedy.”

MP: “I have always been worried by the expression investigative journalism because all journalism is investigative. It did provoke a whole generation to think about this as something important. What is interesting is the Washington Post is now owned by the Amazon boss Jeff Bezos, it will be interesting to see whether journalists at the Post can uncover Amazon and its antics.”

On EU president Jean-Claude Juncker and the new European Commission team

MP: “If we approach it right, we should be able to work with him, he does seem to be realistic about a customs market and we might be able to get some reform on the agenda.”

AN: “For Britain, the important thing is about the immigration, the movement of people. I like the way Marine le Pen went for the new commission.”