On criticism of Turkey over the IS attacks on the Syrian border

AN: “They are playing into the hands of IS. Turkey is playing a very nasty game; the payback will come soon because President Erdogan is asking for trouble and he will get it. I don’t understand those reports from the Turkish-Syrian border where the Turks are standing by and not doing anything; this is outrageous.”

MP: “The bigger problem is Kurdistan, because if the US do help the Kurds, if they are successful, their demands for an autonomous state will be stronger; that is what Erdogan is afraid of.”

JR: “How do you balance Kurdistan and Turkey which have very divergent views? I am confused about this idea of a no-fly zone. Who is supposed to fly there? ISIS do not have any planes, so the only people who could fly there are the Turks, the Americans and maybe the Saudis.”

On the British response to the Ebola outbreak

AN: “Ebola has been around for 40 years and has been fizzling out. Now they have made every effort to spread it, by taking victims to Europe. It is bizarre, we have hundreds of thousands dying every winter in Europe. You can’t really create a problem out of a problem that does not really exist.”

MP: “It is important and is a public health issue, we should treat it, but surely what you do is you put that country in quarantine, you don’t fly people back.”

JR: “This is not the first time we have had a health epidemic - remember SARS?. The director of the Centre for Disease Control was saying that the measures put in place for SARS were needlessly spent. We know how to deal with these highly communicable diseases, why don’t we do it.”

On the Liberal Democrat conference

MP: “I thought he was playing both sides a bit too cleverly. You know, we have helped to deliver greater things but they don’t share our values. I just think he should have been a bit more generous to the Tories.”

AN: “The Liberal Democrat party is actually a threat to the UK’s very existence. On the one hand, they say they are looking after the poor, preventing the right wing part of the Tories from imposing its agenda and so on. On the other hand they come with the looniest of policies, they would like to spend public money like hell. What Nick Clegg realises is that there will be another Tory-Lib Dem coalition but he doesn’t know if he will be in it.”​