30 August 2013, 17:01

Twenty-first Century Russian Poetry edited by Larissa Shmailo

Twenty-first Century Russian Poetry edited by Larissa Shmailo
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Poetry has traditionally played a very important role in Russia – and not just in literary circles. It is often said that in Russia a poet is more than just a poet, meaning that poets have to personify the very consciousness of the nation.

A new anthology called Twenty-first Century Russian Poetry recently released by webzine Big Bridge is a bold attempt to map and illuminate the complexity and diversity of modern Russian poetry for the English-speaking reader. It features 50 poets, and gives a panoramic view of today’s Russian poetry in terms of style, subject matter and geography. What is notable is that many of the contemporary Russian poets live outside Russia, are bilingual and have produced many of the translations for the collection. We talk to the anthologies editor Larissa Shmailo and two poets whose poetry can be found in the collection: Marina Boroditskaya and Philip Nikolaev.

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