19 July 2013, 00:35

Britain – ECFR: Testing Relations

европейский суд по правам человека страсбург зал
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Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron has indicated that Britain may be forced to withdraw from the European Court of Human Rights, following a series of high profile judgments by the court against the British government. Reforms and potential withdrawal plans are being discussed as part of the Conservatives election manifesto and pledges have been made to implement them in the event of a victory for the party at the next election, scheduled for 2015.

Britain was instrumental in setting up the European Court of Human Rights after the Second World War, so why has this become such a controversial issue now? Are there fundamental problems between Britain and the European institutions of which it is a part? Or does this debate also reflect tensions within the British political system.

We are discussing these issue with Robert Oulds, Director Bruges Group, UK Think Tank, London, Merris Amos, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Law, Queen Mary University, London, and George Letsas, Reader in Philosophy of Law and Human Rights, University College, London.

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