6 February 2014, 15:28

The Bolshoi Theater plans to sell cheap tickets

The Bolshoi Theater plans to sell cheap tickets
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The Bolshoi Theater, notorious for pricey tickets plans to start selling $3 dollar tickets next season! The tickets will be standing room only and are going to cost 100 roubles.

According to head of the Bolshoi Theater, Vladimir Urin, they’ve picked up the practice from their foreign colleagues. Over the summer, the theater will demount 247 seats, the location of which has partial view of the stage, specifically, less than 50 per cent. It is unclear how much space will be given to the standing room tickets. Urin also added that Moscow municipal authorities did not support the Bolshoi’s initiative to sell certain shows at a lower price, for people with a low income. Currently, tickets to various Bolshoi performances range from $30 to 300.


And another record-breaking auction….in London! A Cubist still life by spanish painter and sculptor Juan Gris sold for $56.8 million, doubling the previous record for the artist. The Checkered Tablecloth was painted in 1915 and was estimated to sell for 12-18 million pounds.

Previously, the record for Gris was set in 2010 at a Christie's auction in New York, when his painting of a violin and a guitar sold for $28.6 million.


And in other auction news, the auction of 85 paintings by Spanish artist Joan Miro have been cancelled by the Portuguese government. The sale was scheduled for February 4, but the state took over the paintings, pending the dispute, in which politicians filed an injunction, claiming that the artworks were illegally taken out of Portugal. The total value for the lot in question is $49 million.

The paintings are considered assets of Portugal's BPN bank. The action is seen as an attempt by the government to recoup some of the millions that it lost during the financial crisis.

Christies released a statement, saying that they have a responsibility to their buyers, “to be sure that legal title can transfer to them without issue. Since the court's decision calls this into question at this time, Christie's is required to withdraw the works from sale.”


And George Lucas will not get his Star wars park, at least not in san francisco. The plan to built the museum at the base of the Golden Gate Bridge has been rejected by the board members of the park.

The proposal was to showcase contemporary art, as well as other assorted memorabilia there. Lucas pledged $700 million to build and endow the museum.  

The board however, rejected all new proposals, for museums in the park, saying that none of them seem right.

the rejection came as a surprise for the Lucas group that has been working closely with the city to finetune the project.

Lucas has a collection of illustrations by Norman Rockwell and Maxfield Parrish that he wanted to place in the museum.

The prized location has been leased to a sports retailer, the Sports Basement, since 2004.

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