3 October 2013, 14:02

Jackson’s family looses lawsuit

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Tom Clancy dies at 66

Mia Farrow disclosed son's birth mystery

Jackson’s family looses wrongful lawsuit 

Tom Clancy, the author of The Hunt for Red October and Patriot Games….. died in his home, at the age of 66. The cause of death was not disclosed. 

Clancy is one of the best selling contemporary authors. In total, he published 25 fictional novels, that sold over 100 million copies. 

His books closely tracked Americans' security fears, moving from Cold War face-offs to terrorist attacks and both fascinated readers with their high-stakes plots and scared military experts with their precise details. 

"He was a consummate author, creating the modern-day thriller, and was one of the most visionary storytellers of our time. I will miss him dearly and he will be missed by tens of millions of readers worldwide," his publisher David Shanks of Penguin press said. 

Clany’s books also inspired Hollywood blockbuster films including "Clear and Present Danger," starring Harrison Ford, and a series of video games. 

Clancy's next and last book, "Command Authority," is due to be published on December 3.


Actress Mia Farrow disclosed that her son, Ronan, thought to be the biological son film director Woody Allen, could actually be the son of legendary singer Frank Sinatra. 

In a Vanity Fair magazine interview, Farrow said that it was in fact possible, that Sinatra fathered her child. 

Sinatra died in 1998 at the age of 82, and Farrow, now 68, were married from 1966 to 1968, but the actress said the relationship continued after their divorce. 

"We never really split up," she told the magazine, which added that no DNA tests to determine paternity had been done. 

Ronan, replied to the allegations through Tweetier...saying..."Listen, we're all 'possibly' Frank Sinatra's son."

Farrow, the mother of 14 adopted and biological children, parted ways with Woody Allen in 1992 after the director's relationship with Farrow's adopted daughter, Soon-Yi, was revealed.


An iconic painting of an oversized Coke bottle by Andy Warhole could sell for as much as $60 million in New York next month. 

The Warhol will be one of the star lots of Christie’s evening auction of postwar and contemporary art on Nov. 12. 

Unlike his later silkscreens, Warhol painted Coca-Cola by hand in 1962, depicting a stark, black bottle on a white 6-foot-tall canvas. 

Brett Gorvy, chairman and international head of postwar and contemporary art at Christie’s. said that “If you want to define Pop art, this is it. It's got two icons in one: Coca-Cola and Andy Warhol.” 

The painting is currently on a pre-auction display in London.


And Michael Jackson’s family has lost the wrongful lawsuit against his concert promoter AEG. 

The Jackson family claimed that the promoter negligently hired Conrad Murray as Jackson's personal physician and ignored signs that the "Thriller" singer was in poor health prior to his death. 

The verdict however concluded that the doctor was not unfit for his job. 

The five month long trial aired the King of Pop’s dirty laundry, and Still, sent shock waves through the music industry, with concert promoters as well as well-known entertainment insurers expected to beef up policies for acts they insure and potentially raise some prices.

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