16 July 2014, 09:21

Six foreigners die in Moscow metro accident

Six foreigners die in Moscow metro accident

Six foreigners, including two Chinese citizens, died in the Moscow metro train wreck on Tuesday, a source in the city emergency services told Interfax.

The accident killed two Chinese males aged 33 and 40, two Tajik citizens aged 24 and 25, a 24-year-old citizen of Kyrgyzstan and a 46-year-old woman from Moldova.

A 32-year-old woman from Kolomna, Moscow region, died in the train wreck, too.

The place of residence of five victims has yet to be established, and the rest of the victims are Muscovites.

In all, eleven men and nine women died on the wreck scene.

An elderly woman died at the intensive care unit of the 71st city hospital four hours after the accident.

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