16 July 2014, 15:26

Kate Middleton's friend confirms Duchess' pregnancy

Kate Middleton's friend confirms Duchess' pregnancy

Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton is pregnant again, says her former schoolmate Jessica Hay. Journalists have failed to confirm or refute this information. Representatives of the Buckingham Palace refuse to comment on the rumors about Kate's second pregnancy, The Mirror reports.

Jessica Hay confirmed the fact that the Duchess was expecting a second child to the Australian New Day magazine. According to her, the news about the baby has been discussed in Kate's inner circle. Kate's childhood friend predicted that an official statement on the matter would be made in the next few weeks.

Jessica Hay is sure: Kate has gained weight and is trying to hide her pregnancy symptoms.

Meanwhile, the Palace refused to comment on this news. According to some sources, Hay and the Duchess are not close friends, and have not communicated for years.

However, some observers pointed out that it was Jessica Hay who had told about Kate Middleton's first pregnancy in November, 2012, just a few weeks before the official announcement. The Buckingham Palace was forced to confirm the information after Kate had been hospitalized. Prince William and Kate Middleton's son was born in July, 2013. Next week, little George will turn one year old.

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