9 July 2014, 14:40

Donetsk People's Republic to declare martial law

Donetsk People's Republic to declare martial law

The Donetsk People's Republic (DNR) will declare martial law in the regions close to the posts of Ukrainian forces and install commandant's offices in Donetsk and territories under the militia's control, Igor Strelkov, Head of the militia, said. The decision was made after the republic's commanders held a conference on Tuesday, Strelkov said.

"Today we finally held a joint conference. We've agreed upon creating regional, city and a unified commandant's offices, upon declaring martial law in the regions close to the posts of Ukrainian forces," Strelkov said. He also said that martial law and curfew wouldn't be declared in Donetsk in order not to create difficulties for local citizens.

Donetsk People's Republic to have contract army

The Donetsk People's Republic (DNR) will create its own contract army. Its soldiers will be paid 5,000-8,000 hryvnias (14,600-23,500 rubles) monthly, Igor Strelkov, Head of the militia, said.

"I'd like to say that many people would become soldiers of the DNR's army if only there was a financial guarantee for their families. Now we can provide this guarantee; since this month, we will pay 5,000-8,000 hryvnias monthly to our soldiers. In fact that means that we're creating a contract army."

Truce between self-defense forces, Ukrainian gov't is impossible - DPR's Vice PM

The self-proclaimed republic's Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Purgin stated that the truce between Kiev and the Donetsk People's Republic (DPR) self-defence forces is impossible. "First of all, there are hostages. Both sides act unceremoniously," he said, adding that about 400 militiamen were missing. Another reason why a truce is out of the question is the absence of humanitarian corridors, Purgin said.

"For this alone Poroshenko must be tried in The Hague," he stressed.

In his words, the deployment of an OSCE monitoring mission in southeastern Ukraine will be a great victory.

"Ukraine is misinforming the world. For example, nobody knows that Kiev has officially cut off the supply of drugs and operations on the wounded are sometimes done without narcosis. No one says that trucks loaded with humanitarian aid are stranded on the Russian border and Ukraine does not let them in. They keep silent about the Ukrainian army's attempt to cut off water supply to two million people. It is very hard to tell these things to the world when the world is not here," Purgin emphasized.

As to Dnipropetrovsk Region Governor Ihor Kolomoyskyi who actively supports the Ukrainian National Guard, Purgin said he was "a condemned man."

"His own Mossad will kill him. He is a turncoat Jew who tangled up with the Nazi. He orchestrates a Russian genocide here, and it will be problematic to refer to the Holocaust later on," he said.

In the opinion of Purgin, Ukraine "does not need people so it bombs and stops at nothing. One could talk about federalism three months ago, and now a compromise is unattainable," Purgin said.

In the opinion of the DPR vice-premier, the situation would "grow tougher" day after day.

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