1 July 2014, 03:24

US Supreme Court decides to strike Obamacare

US Supreme Court decides to strike Obamacare

US Supreme Court made a decision, which will strike Obamacare (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act). Since this program is considered to be main domestic achievement of the current US president, the verdict, which was issued by the conservative majority of five, in fact, undermines electoral position of the Democratic Party authorities and all political legacy of Barack Obama.

The dispute was limited to the constitutionality of the so-called contraception mandate. It refers to the requirement of the law on health reform, according to which commercial companies in the United States are required to provide health insurance to their employees, including the costs of contraceptives, and if necessary, sterilization.

Now, the Supreme Court ruled that the owners of private companies have the right to challenge this requirement if it goes against their religious beliefs, and to seek exceptions to this rule.

Conservative majority of judges of the Supreme Court of the USA believes that, in practice, this does not prevent employees from the same companies acquiring appropriate health insurance on an individual basis. But liberals do not agree with it and are pushing on the verdict precedent. Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg, officially representing the minority position, stressed that "in a striking breadth of coverage decision, the court decides that businesses may be exempted from compliance with any law, which, according to them, go against their sincere religious beliefs."

However, the position of the majority also has a legal basis in the form of the 1993 Federal Law on Religious Freedom Restoration. Now for the first time the Supreme Court ruled that private for-profit companies can rely on the law. By the way, the name of one of these companies, a network of shops "Hobby Lobby Stores" has become synonymous in the US for the entire litigation. On the day of the verdict, the meetings of both supporters and opponents of Obamacare were held at the main entrance of the US Supreme Court building.

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