1 July 2014, 06:04

Obama acknowledges existence of humanitarian crisis along US borders

Obama acknowledges existence of humanitarian crisis along US borders

The situation on the borders of the United States due to the influx of illegal immigrants has turned into a real humanitarian crisis. President Barack Obama acknowledged that, speaking in Washington on Monday.

"We face a real humanitarian crisis on the border, which only emphasizes the need to forget about politics and normalize immigration reform once and for all," said the US leader. He recalled that "in recent weeks we have seen a huge rush on the border of unaccompanied children who slavers deliver here and to other countries."

Obama pointed out the need to strengthen the border measures. "I sent a letter to congressional leaders, proposing cooperation in addressing this urgent humanitarian challenge and support for the US Border Service, whose members annually deport hundreds of thousands of immigrants (from Latin America), who do not have documents," he said.

President expressed hope that Republicans who control the House of Representatives "will leave politics aside and take action ". He also promised "aggressive steps" from his administration: "As a first measure, I ordered the Minister of National Security and Justice to forward the necessary resources to the border.” In addition, he ordered to take "measures that the administration can make if Congress refuses to, and to implement immigration reform," Obama said.

Mexican military illegally crossing into US possibly aiding drug cartels

Figures in Mexican military uniforms drew their guns on a US border agent earlier this year after having crossed the southwestern border into Arizona, a US senator claimed. Possibly Mexican officials are aiding the drug cartels.

A Border Patrol agent went to the scene after two individuals were spotted crossing the US border. The agent found them 50 yards north of the border and "positively identified two subjects looking like Mexican Military." They were wearing tan camouflage and traveling on foot.

After a border patrol agent confronted the two men. When the agent made contact, both the agent and the two individuals drew their weapons - they were carrying "G3, 7.62 caliber battle rifles." Asked for identification, the two men provided their names - which didn’t correspond with the names on their uniforms. After a brief, tense standoff, the two men retreated back across the border just as reinforcements were arriving.

The incident described by Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., would appear to be one of dozens over the past decade where Mexican military and law enforcement officers have crossed into US territory. Most are presumed to be accidental, but they also raise the possibility that Mexican military members - or individuals posing as them - are helping drug cartels.

"This incident is of concern," Coburn wrote in a letter to US Customs and Border Protection's former acting commissioner, asking whether CBP has concerns that Mexican military members are "providing security and/or intelligence to Drug Trafficking Organizations."

According to officials familiar with the situation, border crossings by members of either military are rare. In a January letter to the head of Customs and Border Protection about the incident, Sen. Tom Coburn asked if the agency has "concerns that some members of the Mexican Military could be providing security and/or intelligence to Drug Trafficking Organizations." The Sinaloa Cartel, widely considered one of the world’s most powerful drug syndicates, operates along the Sasabe stretch of the border.

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