28 June 2014, 10:44

Activists' airship flies over NSA building in protest against illegal spying

Activists' airship flies over NSA building in protest against illegal spying

Today, activists flew an airship displaying the message "NSA illegal spying below" over the NSA's data center in Utah. The event was organized by members of Greenpeace and lawyers from the Electronic Frontier Foundation who are fighting against the American special services' methods of collecting information.

Activists fighting with methods of work of the special agencies have launched an airship near the building of the NSA data center in Bluffdale, Utah. The sign on one side of the airship read: "NSA illegal spying below." According to the organizers, the protest is directed against massive data collection carried out by this American agency, the British The Guardian writes.

The airship belongs to environmentalists of the Greenpeace company. The action was also attended by representatives of the Electronic Frontier Foundation - a group of lawyers from California who are actively fighting against the methods of surveillance of the American intelligence.

Activists explained via social networks that the action is held in order to announce "a new campaign grading Congress on surveillance reform."

"The goal is to raise public awareness about the surveillance debates taking place right now and to create public pressure on individual members of Congress and the president to take significant steps to reform NSA spying in light of the information the public has learned over the past year."

The airship hanging in the air was soon noticed by other people, and photos of this action began to spread rapidly in social networks.

Activist Peter Higgins from the Electronic Frontier Foundation has specially emphasized that the action did not violate the law and corresponds to all the norms. He noted that the airship had managed to rather closely approach the building of the NSA data center, which, according to Forbes, covered an area of 30 thousand square meters.

However, not all who have ever showed interest in the NSA data center remained unnoticed. Thus, in 2012, when the building of the data center was still under construction, Fox News rented a helicopter, and very soon, security agents visited the pilot to talk "about national security issues".

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