18 June 2014, 17:21

EU acts like 'fireman-incendiary' in Ukraine's political crisis - Marine Le Pen

EU acts like 'fireman-incendiary' in Ukraine's political crisis - Marine Le Pen

In an interview with ITAR-TASS, leader of the French National Front, Marine Le Pen, advocated  the extension of Russian-French relations and the execution of the Mistral contracts, and shared her own political plans, which include disassembling the European Union.

"My goal is total transformation of Europe, and consequently, the disassembling of the European Union. The main question is: Is it possible to improve the European Union, to amend it? I personally don't believe in that. Of course, we can preserve the European Union if it returns sovereignty to the states, lets them restore internal borders and abandon the euro. Well, but this will not be the European Union then," she remarked.

The leader of the French National Front advocated the renunciation of the single European currency. "We are constantly occupied with "saving" it. It has already cost us tens of billions of euros".

According to Le Pen, France has already borrowed 70 billion euros only to save the European currency.  Marine Le Pen has also observed that French voters and economic circles, "have already started to change their minds on the issue of the euro."

"However, we must also convince our neighbors," she said. "And there are shifts in a positive direction. Today, there is a movement in Germany and in Italy, tomorrow the same can be expected in Spain and Portugal."

In this connection the chairwoman of France's National Front proposes "to disassemble the current structure of the EU and to build a "Europe of Nations" instead. There have long been discussions about creating a common space "from the French Brest to Vladivostok," she reminded.

Russian-French relations

"For many years now I've been standing up for deepening the relations between France and Russia. France should not yield to the logic of cold war, which was imposed by the European Union and led to a cooling of mutual relations with no good reason," Marine Le Pen said.

In her opinion, first of all, cooperation with Russia should be developed in the energy field . "As I've got to know from Russian leaders, Russia has for several decades offered its energy services to the European Union, but the talks have produced no results. This is counterproductive, especially against the background of Russia's agreements with China and South Korea."

The National Front leader has called "absolute nonsense" a possible refusal to supply Mistral helicopter carriers to Russia, and such a political decision - "scandalous" for France, having given a reminder that half of the cost of the contract had already been paid, and France was experiencing enormous economic problems.


According to Le Pen, the world community should put pressure on the Ukrainian authorities, prompting them to start the process of a peaceful settlement in the country. She stressed that Kiev should proceed to federalization of Ukraine and distance itself from the radicals. "I first of all mean the Right Sector and other armed formations," she specified. According to Le Pen, she was shocked by the "world community's silence on the account of killings of civilian population in the east of Ukraine."

"The position of the international community is inconsistent. I think, in this situation, it made a mistake again," the politician believes. "I must say that it is typical of it to make mistakes in international affairs: it made a mistake in Libya, it made a mistake in Syria, it made a mistake in Ukraine," Le Pen believes. "But the problem is that in all these cases, people died."

"Why not consider the possibility that many, including President of Russia Vladimir Putin, put forward from the very beginning?" said Le Pen. "I'm talking about the proposal for the federalization of Ukraine, in order for it to remain united. This would allow the population of the Western regions of the Republic, which looks to the West and has the right to do so, to live together with the population of the Eastern regions, which looks at the East and is free to do so."

The MP believes that "the Ukrainian authorities are refusing to conduct a constructive dialogue, because they feel support "of the West, and the EU acts as a kind of "fireman- incendiary." According to the leader of the National Front, in a number of situations, the European Union protects the interests of the US, which tries to continue the "demonization" of Russia. "But I think that the general attitude is changing," Le Pen believes. "And it won't be possible to play this game for a long time."

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