17 June 2014, 14:36

World Cup fans get bitter on Twitter over Delta's racist slip-up

World Cup fans get bitter on Twitter over Delta's racist slip-up

Twitter users have accused Delta, one of the major American airlines, of racism after a tweet dedicated to the American football team's victory over Ghana, yesterday. The post that caused heated discussions in social networks uses an image of a giraffe to represent Ghana.

The tweet appeared on Delta's official twitter page in the early morning hours of June 17, shortly after the American defender John Brooks gave his team a 2:1 lead almost at the end of the match in the World Cup group stage between Ghana and the US.

In its tweet, Delta airlines congratulated its national team on the successful debut, presenting the match's outcome in the form of two images; the symbol representing Ghana was a picture of a giraffe.

Twitter users found the image with the giraffe inappropriate and offensive, accusing Delta of racism. Some even stated that next time they will ride giraffes out of the country rather than use outdated Delta planes. Others joked about using giraffes to go to work or to the beach, since it's such a common sight in Ghana.

Some users also drew attention to the fact that even from an environmental point of view it's impossible to justify using giraffes to portray Ghana – as they are not found in this African country.

Amid public criticism Delta removed its provocative tweet and apologized to everyone offended. Also, the company wished luck to all teams at the World Cup.

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