16 June 2014, 11:34

USS George Washington enters Hong Kong port

US Navy aircraft carrier CVN-78 (Archive photo)

US Navy aircraft carrier CVN-78 (Archive photo)

US Navy aircraft carrier CVN-78 (Archive photo)

The USS George Washington (CVN-73), a US Navy nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, has entered the into Hong Kong port together with four escort ships.

There was no official statement, concerning the arrival of the carrier into the port of Hong Kong. However, an ITAR-TASS journalist himself saw a carrier with hull No CVN-73, calling into the port.

The US embassy is not commenting on the issue for security reasons. Such visits usually last for four days.

Hong Kong, which is a Special Administrative Region of China, occasionally receives American military ships. The Chinese government allows American military ships to stay at the Hong Kong port to let the seamen have a rest and provide maintenance work to the ships.

The USS George Washington that costs $4.5 billion was put into service in 1992 and is the sixth aircraft carrier of the Nimitz class. The carrier, which is 333 meters long and of 97,000 tons displacement has two nuclear power installations. The ship can station an estimated 80 aircrafts and 5,500 members of the crew.

Since 2008, the USS George Washington has been patrolling the Japanese shore, despite protests from local citizens. It replaced the old carrier Kitty Hawk that didn't have a nuclear power installation and is stationed at the US Navy base in the city of Yokosuka at the inlet of Tokyo Bay.

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