8 June 2014, 12:57

Battles under way near Ukraine's Slavyansk and Kramatorsk

Battles under way near Ukraine's Slavyansk and Kramatorsk

Shooting resumed Sunday morning in the area of Slavyansk and Kramatorsk, the headquarters of Slavyansk self-defense forces told RIA Novosti. "Battles are now under way on the outskirts of Kramatorsk, in the area of the Yasnogorovsky state farm, as well as on the outskirts of Slavyansk, near the Mashmet," the militia informed.

The Ukrainian army continues to bombard Slavyansk (the centre and the districts of Artem and Vostochny), and its suburbs - Yampil and Semyenovka. The security forces use mortars and self-propelled launchers Tulip.

Yesterday, one of the shells hit the paint shop of the Betonmash plant in Slavyansk, and started a fire, which was being extinguished for about three hours. There are also reports about the use of multiple rocket launcher systems Grad in the village of Nikolaevka, to the West of Slavyansk. According to deputy commander of the Slavyansk militia, Fedor Berezin, the information about the use of the Grad "has to be confirmed yet," but it is known that a few days ago, the Ukrainian army has already shelled the city of Slavyansk from the Grad systems.

"There is one wounded militiaman. I've talked on the phone with one of the lightly wounded, he continues to fight. That's what people are like over there," Berezin said to RIA Novosti.

Ukraine's armed forces resume heavy shelling of Semyonovka village near Slavyansk

Ukrainian troops have resumed massive artillery shelling of the Semyonovka village near Slavyansk, the Donetsk region, from heavy guns. A representatives of the self-defence forces told Itar-Tass on Sunday that the fire, presumably from the Grad multiple rocket launchers, was coming from Raigorodok settlement.

On June 7, a shell hit the Betonmash plant in Slavyansk causing fire in a workshop that manufactures paints, varnishes and lacquers. The self-defence forces said that two shells had also hit the building of the local Institute of High Voltage and a car wash in the Artyom district.

Meanwhile, Slavyansk is having problems with drinking water.

"The damaged water pipe has not yet been repaired. Only those who have stored water in bottles or have their own wells have drinking water," the self-defence forces said, adding that most neighborhoods in Slavyansk were without electricity. With the coming of dusk, the Ukrainian troops use illuminating flares.

Slavyansk being shelled, 3 civilians killed - Donetsk People's Republic HQ

Three civilians were killed as Ukrainian government forces shelled the city of Slavyansk and its suburban neighborhood Cherevkovka late on Friday and early on Saturday, the headquarters of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic told Interfax.

"A howitzer round last night hit Svobody Street, which is the central street of Slavyansk. Two people who were at the place at the moment were killed and several others suffered fragmentation wounds," it said.

Another civilian was killed and 2 houses were destroyed as Cherevkovka was shelled early on Saturday, it said.

"The city's residential neighborhoods are being pounded, and therefore it's impossible to stay there. A lot of civilians have been injured," it said.

Information from the self-proclaimed republic's headquarters and local residents indicated that the Vostochny neighborhood and the village of Artemovsk were currently being shelled from Mount Karachun, which was earlier taken up by the Ukrainian army.

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