19 May 2014, 14:43

Pyeongchang-2018 Committee: Sochi Olympics set new quality standards

Pyeongchang-2018 Committee: Sochi Olympics set new quality standards

About 250 observers engaged in preparing the 2018 Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea, attended the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, and lauded the way the Sochi Games had been organized, President of the Pyongchang-2018 Committee Kim Jin-sun told the ITAR-TASS news agency.

"Sochi was a great experience for us. Our attention was focused, above all, on the technological aspect of the Olympic preparations. Sochi had a limited time framework, but it did excellent work," he said.

The Sochi Games set new records both in terms of the quality and functioning of Olympic facilities’, Kim said, adding that all the Olympic services functioned very well.

The Pyeongchang Games will be the most compact ones in the Olympic history, Kim said. Like in Sochi, competitions will be held in a mountain and coastal clusters within a short distance from each other.

"It will take just 30 minutes to get to any Olympic venue from the central square," Kim said.

Smiling volunteers became the hallmark of the Sochi Olympics.

"The volunteers in Sochi did a wonderful job. They were all smiles and hospitality. That’s what we should learn to repeat. I would also like to point out that ordinary residents of Sochi took an active part in the Games. Another lesson we should learn is how to fill our stadiums with spectators. In Sochi, all the sports arenas both during the Olympic and Paralympic Games were packed. In our work with volunteers, emphasis will be on getting them to master English, and of course, they should all grasp the rules and traditions of the Olympics," the head the Pyeongchang-2018 Committee said.

As for the possibility of National Hockey League (NHL) players coming to the Pyeongchang Olympics, he said it would depend on the International Ice Hockey Federation.

"We cannot insist, we can only hope since the hockey tournament is one of the key elements of successful Olympic Games. Much will depend on the International Ice Hockey Federation and the results of its talks with the NHL and the International Olympic Committee," Kim said.

Pyeongchang won the right to host the XXIII Winter Olympics in 2011. The two other bidders were Annecy, France, and Munich, Germany. 

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