17 May 2014, 19:30

France, UK, US provide support to Syrian terrorists - Syria's deputy FM

France, UK, US provide support to Syrian terrorists - Syria's deputy FM

Faisal Mekdad, deputy Foreign Minister of Syria, believes that France, US and UK provide support to the terrorists operating on Syrian territory, Lebanese media reported on Saturday. He said that these countries seek to thwart the reforms aimed at promoting democracy, human rights and creating a rule-of-law state in Syria.

Furthermore, he said that Israel seeks to undermine the presidential elections in Syria scheduled on June 3. "We were baffled by arbitrary actions and open interventions by countries that claim to be democratic but in fact have no idea of the meaning of democracy," Mekdad said.

According to him, Western governments employ a policy of double standards. The deputy Minister pointed out that those countries' leaders are corrupt, and that they support 'terrorist and murderers', groups like The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, Al-Nusra Front and Islamic Front.

He also added that Saudi Arabia is the birthplace of Wahhabism, a radical school of Islam.

France launches formal inquiry relating to suspects of Syria fighting

Seven men suspected of fighting in Syria have been placed under formal investigation following their arrest in Strasbourg, said a judicial source on Saturday, weeks after France unveiled policies to prevent French Muslims from becoming radicalized.

Confirming a report in Le Monde newspaper, the source said the men aged 23 to 25, who were arrested in the eastern French city on Tuesday, were under investigation for criminal conspiracy in relation with a terrorist undertaking.

They were suspected of travelling to Syria late last year to join the uprising against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

European governments calculate several thousand of their citizens have gone to Syria since the war began three years ago and are worried about the security risk posed by youths radicalized by the conflict.

France, which estimates around 285 of its citizens are currently fighting in Syria among the rebels' ranks, last month launched a plan to prevent its citizens joining the civil war and becoming a threat to their home country.

Under the new policies, French nationals who return from Syria could face charges of being part of a terrorist organization, while minors could be prevented from leaving France without parental consent.

It also launched a hotline for parents concerned about their children's behavior, Reuters reports.

US wages oil wars in Middle East to dominate world energy markets – analyst

by Ekaterina Blinova

The Anglo-American oil cartel is pursuing longstanding ambition to dominate the world energy market. Hydrocarbons, oil and gas, are the main driver of economic growth or economic recession and depression. Rising oil prices or bringing them down constitutes a tactic used by the US to influence the global economy.

Middle East with its gas and oil resources appears to be the key element of the Anglo-American geostrategic game, which opens up infinite possibilities of global dominance, deems William Engdahl, an award-winning geopolitical analyst and strategic risk consultant.

"One of the chief reasons of the Syrian war and of the foreign intervention in Syria by Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the US and others is the fact that the Bashar Assad government signed an agreement with Iraq and Iran to bring a pipeline from Iran’s South Pars gas field in the Persian Gulf, one of the largest gas fields in the world, up through Iraq and into Syria and on into the Mediterranean, where it would go to the European gas market and in direct competition with Qatar the wants to be a dominant gas player in the European market," explains the analyst in his interview with RT. "The entire Middle East conflict, the attempt to destroy Syria is an attempt to get control of that potential pipeline route in the hands of the Saudi Arabia, Qatar and certainly the Gulf Emirates there," he adds.

According to William Engdahl, if the Anglo-American powers gain control over the Middle Eastern resources that will doubtlessly give them an opportunity to strategically restrict the energy independence of many of Eurasian powers. The US and its close allies will define the prices and control the economic growth of their geopolitical rivals. The "Middle Eastern card" is played against China and Russia, deems the expert. "This is the grand chess game, as Brzezinski called it, of control of Eurasia," he says.

However, the US itself is by no means energy independent. Despite its output of shale oil has increased tremendously in recent years, geology experts claim it will start declining soon. "There is a lot of hype on the US exporting oil story," notes the analyst. "By 2020 you are not going to be looking at the US as a new Saudi Arabia or a new Russia at the oil market by any means."

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