7 May 2014, 19:36

Four thousand ultra-right militants brought to Odessa - Russian official

Four thousand ultra-right militants brought to Odessa - Russian official

Some 4,000 combatants supporting the Kiev authorities have been brought into Odessa, Georgy Fyodorov, deputy head of the Russian Civic Chamber's Committee for Coordination of Aid to Residents of Ukraine said Wednesday.

"Very alarming reports are coming in from our friends in Odessa," he said. "They suggest that control over the city has practically shifted to (tycoon Igor) Kolomoisky because Igor Palitsya, the new governor of the Odessa region, is his henchman."

"Unfortunately, we have reports that armed militants of the Right Sector, fighters of the Dnepr and Kiev-1 special task force battalions, and ultras of the FC Dnipro have been brought into the city and the overall number of the combatants propping up the Kiev regime exceeds 4,000 there now," Fyodorov said, TASS reports.

"The most dangerous thing is that local police have handed them the lists of the pro-federation movement activists," he said. "In addition, we have the information the whole city is blocked by checkpoints and traffic inside is practically paralyzed."

Fyodorov said the reports coming from Odessa were "a cry for salvation". "People are asking the Public Chamber and me personally to appeal to international organizations and to the authorities in Kiev to avert the planned actions of terror and to stop the city's slide into genocide."

"We're working on this very scrupulously now and watching the situation inside and outside of the city," he said.

Powerful Ukrainian oligarch Igor Kolomoisky was appointed governor of Dnepropetrovsk region by the incumbent government in March 2014.

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