22 April 2014, 19:57

US ready to give $15 million to Ukraine for combatting corruption - Biden

US ready to give $15 million to Ukraine for combatting corruption - Biden

US is ready to help Ukraine to regain stolen assets and to combat corruption. Meeting with representatives of the Kiev public today, US Vice President Joe Biden said that his country is ready to assign 15 million dollars to Ukraine for these purposes. "Later this month the US Attorney General, who will be one of the organizers of the international forum, will discuss the return of stolen assets," Biden said.

He also stressed the importance of waging an effective fight against corruption in Ukraine. "The Ukrainian people have got tired of large-scale stealing committed by the members of government. We have welcomed the adoption of the law on state purchasing. There are some other bills, which are being currently considered by the Verkhovna Rada and which you should approve. All of them are aimed at combatting corruption," Biden said.

Earlier today the US Vice President raised the issue of combating corruption during his meetings with the Verkhovna Rada deputies and presidential candidates, and also with the Verkhovna Rada –appointed Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk.

US offers new $50 million aid package to Ukraine to help with economic, political reform - White House

Washington will provide Ukraine with a new $50 million aid package to help with economic and political reforms, the White House told Reuters during a visit to Kiev by Vice President Joe Biden Tuesday. The United States offered an additional $8 million in non-lethal military assistance, including radios and vehicles, according to a statement issued by Biden's staff in Kiev.

"The United States is committed to ensuring that Ukrainians alone are able to determine their country's future without intimidation or coercion from outside forces," the statement said. Last week, the US signed a $1 billion loan guarantee for Ukraine in support of its economic recovery.

Russian President Vladimir Putin earlier called Washington's offer "worthless" as there were no banks willing to finance the recovery of crisis-hit Ukraine.

Kiev currently owes Moscow some $35.4 billion, which was provided over the last four years as a subsidy via gas discounts.

Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov said Russia hopes Ukraine will fulfill all of its debt obligations.

Moscow made a crucial decision to invest a hefty $15 billion in Ukrainian Eurobonds late last year, disbursing the first tranche of $3 billion in December.

Moscow and Kiev also agreed to steeply cut gas prices for Ukraine in an effort to boost the country' sluggish economy.

The cash injections and discounts were frozen following a coup amid violent protests that led to far-right parties gaining key positions in the new government.

Ukraine went through a regime change on February 22, which saw the ouster of President Viktor Yanukovych and the rise of Western-backed ultra-nationalistic activists to power in Kiev.

Moscow and several regions in Ukraine have not acknowledged the legitimacy of the new authorities and have condemned its nationalistic policies threatening the Russian-speaking population of the country.

Russia should join OSCE mission in eastern Ukraine-Biden

US Vice President Joseph Biden believes that Russia should also take part in the activities of the mission of Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) in eastern Ukraine.

It is necessary that Russia’s representatives join OSCE observers, which are currently in Ukraine’s east, in order to implement the Geneva accords, clear buildings, disarm and provide amnesty, Biden believes.

Washington will never recognize Crimea part of Russia - Biden

The United States and international community will never recognize the incorporation of Crimea into Russia, said US Vice President Joseph Biden. No nation has the right to just grab the land of another nation, and we shall never recognize the illegal occupation of Crimea by the Russians. The world will not recognize it either, Biden told a press conference held jointly with Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk in Kiev.

Biden threats Russia with more sanctions and 'isolation' if Moscow fails to defuse Ukraine crisis

US Vice President Joe Biden, on a visit to Kiev, said on Tuesday that Russia faces 'more isolation' if Moscow fails to defuse Ukraine crisis.

US Vice President Joe Biden, on a visit to Kiev, said on Tuesday that "time is short" for Russiato make progress on its commitment at Geneva last week to help defuse the crisis in Ukraine.

He also called on Moscow to withdraw troops from the Russian - Ukrainian border, to stop talking and urge pro-Russian protesters in the east of the country to surrender. Biden said at a news conference that more provocative actions would lead to further costs and isolation for Russia.

Klitschko tells Biden tougher anti-Russian sanctions needed

Leader of Ukraine’s UDAR (Punch) party and former boxing champion Vitali Klitschko has met in Kiev with visiting US Vice President Joseph Biden and told him that new, tougher US and European sanctions against Russia were needed, UDAR said in a statement on its website.

"The West should immediately introduce tough sanctions. They should cover all economic branches and be really painful," the statement quotes Klitschko as saying.

The boxer reiterated his party’s support for Kiev's anti-terrorist operation in eastern Ukraine and welcomed US military and military-technical aid, saying that it was of great importance for Ukraine.

Biden offers Kiev US help in organizing presidential elections on May 25

US Vice President Joe Biden told Ukrainian members of parliament in Kiev, including presidential candidates, that the United States was ready to help Ukraine's economy but warned that they must fight the "cancer" of endemic corruption. He said the presidential election on May 25 would be the most important in the country's history and Washington was ready to help in holding it. Biden added that the US is ready to assist Ukrainian leaders in seizing a chance to create national unity.

He said there was no reason Ukraine could not achieve energy security, but it would take time. He asked the legislators to imagine the stronger position Kiev would be in now if it was not dependent on Russia for gas supplies.

Joe Biden to meet acting Ukraine leaders

US Vice President Joe Biden will meet Ukraine's acting pro-Western leaders on Tuesday in a symbolic show of America's support for Kiev as Washington.

The meetings, on the second day of Biden's two-day visit to Ukraine, take place after the US and Russia put a radically different spin on a telephone call between their diplomatic chiefs on reviving the accord reached last week in Geneva, AFP reports.

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