19 April 2014, 00:54

Chinese hackers are stealing our secrets - US Admiral

Chinese hackers are stealing our secrets - US Admiral

The US military are concerned that their secret development is no longer a secret for hackers from other countries. The Pentagon cannot protect their developments from cyber attacks, says Admiral Samuel Locklear.

Computer network security system of United States, which is under the control of the Pentagon and trusted contractors, is not an obstacle for hackers from China, which can easily bypass all the protective systems, write the US media, citing the head of the Pacific Command, Admiral of the US Samuel Locklear.

A senior military commander said that Chinese hackers continue to steal the US military secrets, despite the fact that the US government has repeatedly expressed its protest on this issue.

According to admiral, the main reason for data leakage is the vulnerability in computer networks that the US military uses.

Although Admiral did not give any specific examples of theft of secret information, according to Foreign Policy, it is already known that hackers have stolen the design data of F/A-18 fighters and F-35 helicopter Black Hawk, as well as the anti-missile systems Aegis.

According to Locklear, the Chinese computer scientists have used the "holes" in the protection system of computer networks, not caring what Washington thinks about it.

In return, Beijing has convicted the US in cyber espionage, and that the hacker organizations uncontrollable to the US government are trying to break into the Chinese computer networks.

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