7 April 2014, 11:36

Euromaidan was organized by US authorities - American writer

Euromaidan was organized by US authorities - American writer

The Euromaidan in Kiev was inspired and orchestrated by the US authorities. That fact is proved in a sizeable journalist research entitled "Meet the Americans who put together the coup in Kiev" by the American writer Steve Wiseman, who currently lives and works in France. He published the results of his work on the "second Orange Revolution" of the US Department of State in an independent resource called Reader supported News.

According to the author, the main goal of the American efforts was in the "strategic containment" of modern Russia, which has been the same beginning with Bill Clinton's presidential term. The European integration of Ukraine is an important intermediate stage to reach that goal.

Wiseman points out that the US work in that direction is coordinated and directed by the US Department of State. He also explains that the foreign policy department took upon itself those functions after the subversive operations of the CIA "using private funds, including the ford Foundation" were exposed.

Today "the CIA, the NSA and the Pentagon most likely offer their specialized services", but it is "the Department of State that controls the main sources of financing of non-military interference" in other countries' affairs by the USA, the author writes. Then the author calls the instruments used "non-military infrastructure of the American imperialism".

The parts of that infrastructure listed by Wiseman as far as Ukraine goes are National Endowment for Democracy with its subsidiaries and centers, including the Center for International Private Enterprise and the American Center for International Labor Solidarity; "much better financed" US Agency for International Development (USAID); the US Institute for Peace; as well as "a growing network of fake groups, schemes and private contractors", including "nominally independent but financed by the US government organizations like the Freedom House."

Of the Ukrainian activists that were initially used by the US embassy in Kiev Wiseman points out the former Ukraine's deputy Prime Minister Oleg Rybachuk. "In essence, he is a Western agent managed by the US Ambassador to Ukraine Jeffrey Pyatt and his team via a private contractor financed by the USAID – an organization called Pact Inc", - says the American expert.

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