20 March 2014, 15:35

Su-34 front-line bomber enters Russian Air Force service

Su-34 front-line bomber enters Russian Air Force service

The Sukhoi-34 (Su-34) front-line has officially entered service with the Russian Air Force, a source in the Russian defense industry told reporters.

"The Su-34 designed and produced by the Sukhoi company has officially entered Air Force service," the source said.

After completing a full cycle of flight tests, the Su-34 went into serial production at a Novosibirsk aircraft-building plant as part of the State Armaments Program for the years 2011-2020.

"Last year, Sukhoi fulfilled its first contract with the Air Force for the supply of 32 Su-34s. It will supply 92 more planes under the second contract," the source said, Interfax reports.

Earlier, Air Force Commander Lieutenant General Viktor Bondarev unveiled plans to bring the Su-34 fleet to 150-200 machines.

This year, the Air Force will receive 16 Su-34s, two planes more than last year.

"We will receive a total of 150 machines and will probably increase their number to 200," Bondarev said.

"Starting from 2015, the plant will be producing 20 planes per year," he said.

The Su-34 will replace the Su-24 front-line bomber which is currently in service.

The twin-engine medium-to-long-range Su-34, a nuclear-capable front-line bomber of the 4+ generation, is intended for high-precision strikes on land, sea and air targets, including simultaneous strikes on several targets, in any geographic region in any weather at any time of day. It has excellent aerodynamic parameters, large-capacity internal fuel tanks and an air-borne refueling system. 

Voice of Russia, Interfax

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