18 March 2014, 10:52

Transdniestria seeks Russian law that might allow republic to join Russia - newspaper

Transdniestria seeks Russian law that might allow republic to join Russia - newspaper

The chairman of the Supreme Council in the breakaway republic of Transdniestria, Mikhail Burla, has asked Russian State Duma Speaker Sergei Naryshkin to consider drafting a law that would permit Transdniestria's possible accession to Russia, the Vedomosti newspaper reported on Tuesday.

"This request was forwarded in response to A Just Russia Party's bill that proposes simplifying the procedure for new territories' accession to Russia, which would allow Russia to admit parts of foreign states without these states' consent in the absence of "effective and legitimate leadership" in them on the basis of referendum results or applications submitted by the authorities of these regions," the newspaper, which has a copy of this document, said.

Burla's message also says that the bill drafted by A Just Russia Party permits only Crimea to become part of Russia, but it does not apply to Transdniestria because the authorities of Moldova cannot be described as totally ineffective.

Furthermore, Transdniestria would be required to hold an appropriate referendum abiding by Moldovan legislation, whereas the republic has its own laws, Burla said.

He also said that no Moldovan authorities that could ask to join Russia were currently present in Transdniestria.

According to Burla, a total of 97.2 percent of voters made their choice in favor of joining Russia during a referendum in Transdniestria in 2006, Vedomosti said.

A Just Russia Party decided to revoke their bill on March 17, the newspaper said.

The party will most likely resubmit this document after adjusting it to allow other territories which have found themselves in a critical situation to become part of Russia, A Just Russia faction first deputy chairman Mikhail Yemelyanov told Vedomosti.

Voice of Russia, Interfax

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