6 March 2014, 20:20

United Russia regards decision on Crimea’s annexation to Russia as legit

United Russia regards decision on Crimea’s annexation to Russia as legit

The decision on Crimea’s joining the Russian Federation is legitimate and within the legal framework, but Russia’s final position should be defined after the referendum on this issu, First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Affairs of Public Associations and Religious Organizations, Mikhail Markelov (the United Russia Party), has commented on the today's statement of the Supreme Council of the Autonomy.

"There is no violent seizure of power today. The decision on the referendum, which was adopted in Crimea, is the declaration of the will of the people, it is absolutely within the legal framework," he stressed.

"Today, the people of Crimea may determine and decide whom they should go further with: as part of Ukraine; not as part of Ukraine; as a broad autonomy or within the Russian Federation – this is a perfect right of the people."

Moreover, according to the MP, "there should be no double standards." In this regard, referring to Kosovo, he recalled how "the same questions were solved in the Balkans, without any referenda, through the use of force, and how the West called it the right of a nation to self-determination".

"And in support of such solutions NATO ordered its aircrafts off ground, despite the fact that the UN Security Council advocated economic sanctions only. And it was also decided to create a separate state, from which almost all the Serbs were ousted," the MP noted.

"That is why, of course, the problem of Crimea is legitimate, it is within the legal field, and the final position of Russia should be determined after the referendum," the head of the Duma Committee concluded.

Russian State Duma will decide on Crimea after referendum - MP

The State Duma would consider the issue of a simplified procedure for the annexation of new territories to Russia after the referendum on the status of Crimea takes place in Ukraine, and after the decision is accepted by the leadership of the Russian Federation, head of the Duma Committee for the CIS Affairs, Leonid Slutsky, has stated.

"All factions of the State Duma currently support the territorial integrity of Ukraine, but at the same time we understand the right of the people of Crimea to raise issues that they believe can be put up for referendum. The March 16 referendum will show the collegial position of the people of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and we will decide on our position, the position of the State Duma, of the Russian Federation, on the basis of that position," Slutsky told reporters on Thursday.

Slutsky said it should be understood that the people of Crimea are concerned about safety and their future and speak sincerely about what they want.

"The final results will be shown by the referendum," Slutsky said. He reiterated that the people of Crimea are wording the questions for the referendum in the way that they want, and Russia cannot interfere in this process.

"We will state our reaction after the March 16 referendum," he said.

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