2 March 2014, 15:28

US to upgrade its nuclear arsenal in Turkey - media

US to upgrade its nuclear arsenal in Turkey - media

National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) of the US Department of Energy plans to replace the existing arsenal of nuclear weapons at the Turkish base of Incirlik with upgraded bombs. Incirlik holds about 60-70 items of this type of ammunition, the Haberturk agency reports.

This version is designated B61-12, which is being developed within the framework of the 2010 NNSA project to replace the outdated version of B61.

The main improvement is a modified tail section, which enables active targeting, the function the previous B61 lacks.

NNSA has conducted the first tests, which were evaluated as successful. Practical use of the new bombs would be possible in 2017.

At present, the European nuclear arsenals of the United States are located at bases in Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy and Turkey.

It is supposed, that there is a total of about 300 B61 nuclear bombs in these countries.

The US and the UK armies have been using the Turkish base of Incirlic for operational, strategic and logistical needs since 1955.

It is located a few kilometers to the east of the large Mediterranean city of Adana.

Voice of Russia, TASS

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