12 February 2014, 20:25

EU investing hundreds of millions in secret spy drone – watchdog

EU investing hundreds of millions in secret spy drone – watchdog

About $400 have all ready been spent by the EU on the development of a secret drone project, that adds to the country’s further militarization, while the Parliament receives no information on the subject, Statewatch rights group reports.

The EU keeps channeling money from taxpayers’ pockets to provide for the development of the surveillance drones. "More than 315 million euro ($430 million) has so far been spent in EU research funding on drone technology or drones geared towards a specific purpose such as policing or border control," Statewatch rights group reports in their ‘Eurodrones Inc.’ report.

The document is called invisible, since the Parliament of Europe remains uninformed on this matter, which lacks political oversight that could help to suppress the situation. Both chambers of the Britain’s parliament stated that they have not been informed about the construction of the unmanned aerial vehicles.

The legislation called it a top-priority to develop surveillance drones for police and security services and to guard the borders. Security industry lobbying group seems to control the situation, giving away all kinds of awards to the supporters among the politicians, watchdogs report.

The rights group reminds that the European Commission itself stated in 2012 that the development of the unmanned aerial craft should be more transparent, but as time goes by it become obvious that this statement served only to distract public attention.

The European Group on Ethics, the LIBE Committee of the European Parliament and the European Agency for Fundamental Rights and Data Protection Supervisor were supposed to help manage the situation and work on the subject of the transparency, but the organizations were never involved.

Their absence from policy debates means that many of the conversations the EU should be having about drones – such as what they should and should not be used for, and how to prevent further militarization and the deployment of fully autonomous weaponized drones – have been all but ignored."

While the activists do not openly clamor against the drones, they are concerned the UAVs can be used for all kinds of illegal and unwarranted operations.

Voice of Russia, independent.ie

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