10 February 2014, 19:54

Putin slams West for "deterrence" policies against Russia

Putin slams West for "deterrence" policies against Russia

President Vladimir Putin has accused the West of "deterrence" policies against Russia similar to an alleged anti-Soviet policy of the Cold War era.

"Unfortunately, we can see this now, those atavisms of that theory of deterrence. They manifest themselves now here and there," Putin said during a meeting on Monday of a public council that helped organize the current Sochi Winter Olympics.

"When Russia shows positive developments," some fears arise in economies and political circles elsewhere in the world, "and so there are attempts to deter Russia, they manifest themselves now here, now there," he said.

Those present at the meeting included people from various ethnic groups in the North Caucasus, and Putin claimed that means employed in the alleged "deterrence" policies include "the Cherkessian factor."

"But, to be frank, as soon as I could see and feel that such attempts were being made, I had no doubt that those were attempts with hopeless means : because I know sentiments among Cherkessians, I know leaders of Cherkessian organizations, and I know what feelings they have for their smaller homeland and their larger one, Russia," Putin said.

Voice of Russia, Interfax

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