5 February 2014, 15:53

Round-the-clock Olympic security headquarters operates in Sochi - Putin

Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin

Foreign intelligence agencies are represented alongside their Russian colleagues in the Sochi Olympics round-the-clock special security headquarters, Russian President Vladimir Putin told reporters during a tour of the Olympic village on Wednesday.

Security matters are at the forefront during major international events, he said.

Recalling some tragic incidents of the past few years, Putin said: "People were killed at a marathon in the United States and there were terrorist acts in the London metro during a G8 summit."

He thanked his foreign counterparts for actively cooperating with Russian partners.

Putin to discuss Syrian, Afghan and Ukrainian issues during the Olympics

Russian President Vladimir Putin is planning to discuss with his foreign counterparts the problems of Syria, Afghanistan and Ukraine during the Sochi Olympics.

"I am sure that the Olympics are a good occasion to discuss the issues in calm, benevolent atmosphere," Vladimir Putin said during his visit to the Olympic village.

"We need to make the most of this opportunity in order to look for such points of contact and move forward to solve problems. And the world has lots of them," Putin said.

"Syria, Ukraine, lots of them, you know," he said, when asked which problems he was talking about.

Our partners from Asian countries are worried by "what will happen in Afghanistan after the withdrawal of coalition forces," the Russian leader also said.

"We too are worried by it: this is Russia's southern underbelly, and you cannot say the border is locked," Putin said.

I can talk to colleagues about "security, economy, the Middle East, Afghanistan," he added.

Foreign leaders are "experienced people," Putin said, when asked what topics for discussion he would advise to foreign leaders during the Olympics. "They don't need my advice," he said.

Voice of Russia, Interfax

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