Iran not interested in supplies of Antey-2500 instead of S-300 from Russia - FM Zarif

Iran is not interested in supplies of the Antey-2500 air defense systems instead of the S-300 missile weapon systems that were not received from Russia, said Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif.

"I know that this alternative is not in line with our needs," Zarif said in an interview with Interfax during his visit to Moscow on Thursday. An Iranian news agency has recently reported that Tehran was allegedly discussing the possibility of purchasing new systems from Moscow.

A delegation of the Iranian Defense Ministry has already gone to Moscow regarding this and plans to go again, the news agency Interfax reported citing sources.

"We had an agreement with Russia [on supplying S-300, which has not been implemented due to the introduction of international sanctions against Iran]. This agreement determined our needs at a certain stage. I think that our military experts should speak together, hold consultations and see what can be done," Zarif said.

Voice of Russia, Interfax