5 November 2013, 12:37

Denver Police say that 2 armed men are inside a middle school. A SWAT team is on the scene ABC News reports. More to follow.

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Two men believed to be armed broke into a middle school in Denver, police said early this morning.

Police and SWAT teams surrounded a school overnight after an employee with Denver schools said they saw two males carrying weapons break in.

The Denver Public Schools employee contacted police shortly after 10 pm on Monday. They said the men had rifles and backpacks with them when they broke into Noel Community Arts School, located at 5290 North Kittredge Street.

Police said there were no employees or staff inside the school at the time of the break in.

The school was placed on lockdown while police surrounded the building.

So far it’s not clear if police have made contact with the suspects.

A reverse 911 call went out to residents in the area but there have not been any evacuations ordered.

Police said they have not heard of any threats made to the school or any other DPS school in recent days.

Voice of Russia, CBS Denver news

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