15 October 2013, 16:16

Martian rover Curiosity finds less water than expected - scientist

Curiosity марсоход Кьюриосити Марс

Martian rover Curiosity

Martian rover Curiosity

The instruments carried by the US Martian rover Curiosity, some of which were made in Russia, found much less water than it was expected after conducting orbital research, Russian Academy of Sciences Space Research Institute specialist Ruslan Kuzmin said.

"The studies done on the Martian surface demonstrated a much smaller concentration of water and a much higher concentration of chlorine than the orbiters had suggested," he said at the solar system symposium hosted by the institute in Moscow on Tuesday.

Curiosity touched down on Mars on August 6. The project aims to verify the theory of the existence of primitive life forms on the early or contemporary Mars.

The Russian instrument, DAN, was built for measuring water contents and hydrogen compounds in the soil crossed by the rover and to evaluate the neutron component in radiation.

The measurements will expose regularities in the distribution of water in the Martian soil and find the areas with the highest concentrations of water in the soil.

The Russian Academy of Sciences Space Research Institute designed and tested the gadget with the assistance from the Russian Research Institute of Automatics, the Research Institute for Machine Science and the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research.

Voice of Russia, Interfax


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