7 October 2013, 08:50

Nobel Week: Russian chemist tipped for prestigious prize

нобелевская премия

Monday the 7th of October opens Nobel Week No.112 during which the names of this year’s prizewinners in most fields of science will be announced.

The names of prizewinners in the medical science will be the first to be announced.

According to Alfred Nobel’s will, their names are determined by the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, one of the leading educational and scientific medical centres in the world founded in 1810, Russia 24 reports.

The Nobel Committees are not giving any information yet either about the applicants or about those who nominated them, so experts can only make guesses. German Ingeborg Hochmair, Australian Graham Clark, and American Blake Wilson are mentioned as the most probable candidates.

Their works have helped to create the cochlear implant which has returned hearing to over 200,000 people in the world. The Committee may also mark the works of scientists explaining the reasons for various genetic diseases including cancer.

As is known, Scotsman Adrian Bird, Israeli scientists Haim Howard Cedar and Aharon Razin and American David Ellis work in the field of the so-called epigenetics. German Franz Ulrich Hartl and American Arthur Horwich may also expect to be awarded the prize. They study how proteins fold in the three-dimensional structural space. Malfunctions in this space often result in Alzheimer’s disease or various allergies.

The Nobel Week will continue in Stockholm. The Committee’s decision in physics will be announced on the 8 th of October and in chemistry on the 9 th . Russian Valery Fokin has a chance to be awarded the prize in chemistry. He is a graduate of Lobachevsky State University in Nizhny Novgorod and has developed the methods of the so-called click chemistry.

The Nobel Peace Prize winner’s name will be announced in Oslo on the 11 th of October. Next, on the 14 th of October the winner of the Prize in the Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel established by the Bank of Sweden in 1968 will be determined.

Traditionally, it is not known yet when the prize in literature will be awarded. It usually happens on one of the Thursdays in October.

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