2 October 2013, 19:09

You can test them, but Iran cannot be trusted - Condoleezza Rice

Кондолиза Райс

Former US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice stated on “CBS This Morning” that diplomacy between America and Iran is impossible as “the Iranians can't be believed or trusted”.

"They have done everything to make certain that you can't trust them," she said on "CBS This Morning."

"They hid their nuclear program for decades. They have given the international Atomic Energy Agency the runaround. I negotiated myself with the P5+1, the international negotiating team for them. You absolutely cannot trust them."

This point of view is widely shared by Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who’s called a new leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran “a wolf in sheep’s clothing”. This statement was made at the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday.

Netanyahu warned the US and other countries that Iran's president has changed, but its ambitions haven't and insisted that the country is pursuing to get nuclear weapons.

Ms. Rise said that "You can test them [Iranians]. You can say, 'Are you willing to give up your nuclear capability fully and completely verifiably, and see if they'll take the deal. But let's remember the reasons the Iranians say they're here now is that that economy is suffering desperately under the weight of sanctions. They want relief from the sanctions. My concern is they're going to want relief from the sanctions before they do anything to deserve it."

Former Secretary of State noted that in order to succeed and get off sanctions the Iranian leadership has to “deserve it”.

The Voice of Russia, CBS News


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