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Next Russia Arms Expo will be held in Nizhny Tagil in September 2015

Russia Arms EXPO 2013 Нижний Тагил RAE-2013 военная техника выставка вооружения вооружение Бронетехника презентация БМПТ-72 Терминатор-2

Oleg Siyenko, general director of JSC NPK Uralvagonzavod, told reporters the next Russia Arms Expo will be held in Nizhny Tagil in 2015.

"The government has issued a decree stating that this event will be held here [in Nizhny Tagil] in early September [2015]," Siyenko said.

Russia Arms Expo 2013, of which Uralvagonzavod was the general organizer, was much better organized than Russia Arms Expo 2011, he said.

"We have set a standard which we will follow," he said.

"There are plans to considerably improve the exhibit infrastructure, specifically, to build a hotel for specialists and guests in Nizhny Tagil and develop the service infrastructure in the next two years," Siyenko said, adding that the testing ground in Nizhny Tagil has unique capabilities for demonstration of weapons and military equipment.

Tour of RAE-2013: from urban combat tanks to telescopic sights

The diversity of military hardware and equipment on display at the 9th International Russia Arms Expo-2013, or RAE-2013, underway in Nizhni Tagil, is just mind-boggling. One of Russia’s more prominent armoury experts, Victor Murakhovsky, briefed the Voice of Russia correspondent on this country’s recently designed and built weapons.

Most of the armoured vehicles on display are mounted on the the T-72 tank chassis, which is widely used in Russia and is well known abroad. T-72 is the main battle tank of the Russian Army, so it needs to be upgraded, says Victor Murakhovsky, and elaborates;

"Since most exhibits are conventional Ground Forces weapons, they naturally have to do with armoured vehicles, namely T-72 modifications, including one of an urban combat tank with a new system of fire control, as well as a T-72 chassis-mounted tank support fighting vehicle".

Russia has only just built an urban combat tank but the Russian military realized the need for it years ago, during the antiterrorist campaigns in the North Caucasus. The United States was prompted to build a similar vehicle by fighting in Iraqi cities. The US combat vehicle is known as TUSK, or tank urban survival kit.

The Russian version of the urban tank, based on the T-72 chassis, is complete with the Relikt reactive armour for protection, a dozer blade for traversing various barriers, impact absorption screen protectors at the back and sides of the tank, armour protection of a machine-gun mount and an improved fire control system.

A tank that’s been upgraded this way is securely protected against grenade launchers in urban combat and capable of breaking through road blocks.

The T-72 tank has been known for the high survivability that it demonstrated during numerous armed conflicts both in the former USSR and abroad. The T-72 remained battle-worthy even when hit by as many as five rockets fired from rocket-launchers but a skilled soldier armed with an anti-tank rocket  can destroy a tank with a single shot. However, the upgraded tank is better protected against rockets and can therefore be used effectively against any enemy, whether armed gangs or active-duty combat units.

The Voice of Russia has already reported on some recently built military equipment, such as a Schwabe-manufactured tank cannon sight Agat-MDT. The Schwabe holding, which comprises several Russian producers of optical devices, is also displaying a number of such devices for the infantry, says Victor Murakhovsky.

"We have shown for the first time brand new binoculars with dual-channel imaging, with infrared primary vision area for an overall view and a thermal imaging channel at the centre to easily detect any objects, even camouflaged ones, thanks to a temperature difference. The use of two channels at a time dramatically improves surveillance coverage."

Victor Murakhovsky goes on to say that the binocular glasses, as well as the Agat-MDT tank cannon sight have been made exclusively from Russian component parts.

"The binoculars in question have been made from Russian components and they are sure to have good prospects in many ways, not just in surveillance coverage. It could, for example, be used in the targeting systems of ground force combat vehicles, or helicopters, drones etc."

But Schwabe has also put on display some promising small-arms sights as part of the Ratnik military equipment set, designed for the Russian Armed Forces.

Now that Russia has created the Ratnik equipment set, developed a new sub-machinegun, AK-12, and a universal set of sights, it has finally caught up with the armed forces of the leading western nations in terms of soldiers’ personal equipment.

The achievements in question pave the way for forming highly skilled army personnel units of contract soldiers and non-commissioned officers. There is no alternative to this, since the hastily trained military conscripts are clearly unable to operate complicated modern-day military hardware.

'No other salon can compete with it' - expert about Russia Arms Expo-2013

The 9th International Exhibition of Arms, Military Equipment and Ammunition, (Russia Arms Expo-2013, or RAE-2013), currently under way in Nizhny Tagil, traditionally features advanced military hardware, including export versions, and also some groundbreaking designs. The Voice of Russia correspondent Artyom Tikhomirov talked to General Patrick Colas des Francs, Chief Executive of the EUROSATORY arms fair.

Have you seen anything new in the Russian military technology that you haven’t seen before? Is there anything in particular that caught your attention?

“I attended the presentation of the Terminator-2, and I also attended the presentation of the Russian defense industry and Russian arms. I was really amazed at the quality of those presentations and the quality of modern weapons demonstrated at this exhibition.

Among the exhibits on display is a prototype of a modern Russian-French armored infantry vehicle. What can you say about it?

Yes, I saw them at an air show, they are called Atom. The vehicle looks very modern indeed. So far, it’s only an experimental model. I hope cooperation between Uralvagonzavod and RTD will continue and they will have more joint projects to work on in the future.

Will we see any newest defense products from France at this exhibition?

“We have organized a separate display of our latest defense products. But we will keep them secret until the last moment. Frankly, even now I don’t know what exactly is going to be displayed.”

What Russian-French projects are going to be launched in the coming years?

Many of the French defense novelties have been exhibited in Nizhny Tagil to represent our products to advantage. The French industry directly cooperates with the Russian industry. I think that those are mutually complementary industries and there will be lots of joint projects ahead.”

Was this exhibition important for you?

“Yes, it was a very important event for us. We participate in various defense and security salons, the Russia Arms Expo included. It’s a wonderful salon. And as long it makes it possible to demonstrate real weapons, no other salon can compete with it.”

Voice of Russia, Interfax-AVN

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