6 September 2013, 04:28

Tropical storm Gabriel heads towards Puerto Rico

Гавайи шторм волна ураган цунами волна волны море Гавайские острова

Tropical storm Gabriel has formed in the Caribbean Sea, according to reports from Miami-based National Hurricane Center.

Gabriel is currently in 113 km south from Puerto-Rican town of Ponce. The wind speed in the storm’s epicenter reaches 64 km/h. According to meteorologists, the whirlwind is moving north-west with a speed of 13 km/h. Forecasts say in the nearest day it will pass between Puerto-Rico and Haiti islands and then turn north-east and cease in the Atlantic.

Strom alert is announced in Puerto-Rico and several eastern regions of the Dominican Republic. It is expected that Gabriel will bring rain showers, thunderstorms and rough winds.

An atmospheric phenomenon is classified in the US as a storm and gets its own name if the wind speed in its epicenter reaches 63 km/h. If the wind speed exceeds 119 km/h, a storm becomes a hurricane.

Voice of Russia, TASS

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