23 August 2013, 20:29

Gun control extremists to attack Starbucks Saturday

Starbucks старбакс

Irritated by Starbucks’ decision to remain neutral and not ban lawful carry, anti-Second Amendment organizations in North Carolina have developed plans to boycott the chain this Saturday. Dubbing their misguided effort “Skip Starbuck’s Saturday” antis hope to punish the brand nationwide.

“As North Carolina’s HB 937 is implemented, it will become increasingly important for us to clearly stand behind restaurants who do not interfere with expanded carry under state law,” - the Ammoland.com resource stated, which is, as the site name clearly indicates, the advocate of the Second Amendment.

They also claimed that they needed to show that North Carolina gun owners highly appreciate the restaurants’ support and that by doing so, restaurants had put themselves in a winning position commercially.

According to Ammoland.com, should the anti-Second Amendment boycott fail, it will “provide initial momentum for when HB 937 becomes effective in October”.

The gun advocates propose to fight the antis by frequenting Starbucks during the boycott, share their appreciation with barristas and hand out appreciation fliers to the employees.

The story started in February, when gun owners showed up at Starbucks locations to express their support for the company’s pro-gun policies. Second Amendment advocates showed their appreciation to the coffee shop in an event called Gun Owners Support Starbucks Day, which is to be held annually.

In the 12 states with unfettered rights to “open carry” a gun, including Virginia, and the 16 others that are mostly open carry, Starbucks has rejected the gun control activists’ intentions to keep the national coffee shop chain gun-free.

The first incident when Starbucks and gun possession chad a clash, was several years ago, with the coffee shop chain trying to stay unbiased. Spokesman Zack Hutson said that “our longstanding position is to comply with local laws in the communities we serve. We think that’s the right way to ensure a safe environment for our partners.”

Still Starbucks didn’t manage to stay neutral, hence the “Gun Owners Support Starbucks Day.” Ed Levine, founder of the group Virginia Open Carry told WNEW-TV about how the project came to life. Apparently. Some anti-gun enthusiasts tried to throw him out of a restaurant once, because he was armed.

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