15 July 2013, 18:17

Putin plunges into Gulf of Finland aboard mini-sub

Гогланд остров финский залив

The Gulf of Finland

The Gulf of Finland

President Vladimir Putin on Monday plunged into the place in the Gulf of Finland where the Russian imperial fleet's frigate Oleg sank in 1869, aboard the mini-sub Sea Explorer-5.

The Oleg, a brilliant example of Russian shipbuilding traditions, is the largest object of this kind to have been found to date. It marked the end of the era of wooden sailing vessels with smooth-bore guns.

The Oleg collided with another ship in a difficult maneuver in 1869 and sank between the islands of Gogland and Sommers to a depth of about 60 meters.

The frigate is being studied under the Russian Naval Glory project funded by the Russian Geographic Society.

Voice of Russia, Interfax

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