27 June 2013, 18:27

Russian Defense Ministry denies reports on military withdrawal from Syrian Tartus

сирия тартус

Today, Russian Ministry of Defence asserted that the previous reports on the withdrawal of Russian personnel from the state's military base in Syrian Tartus are false.

"Yesterday's media reports on the withdrawal of Russian personnel from the Syrian port of Tartus are completely untrue," the Defense Ministry said in an official statement today.

Wednesday noon numerous news orgs reported that Russia has withdrawn its military personnel from Syria, leaving its strategic military center of Tartus, due to the increasing security threats in the country.

AFP reported there were no Russian troops or civilian personnel in Syria.

According to the agencie's source, the decision was taken to limit the risk to Russian citizens in the midst of civil war in Syria and reduced the threat of political damage that could occur if the Russians were harmed by any party in the Syrian conflict.

Voice of Russia, TASS

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