25 June 2013, 14:56

Snowden may be detained in Russia to establish all circumstances - source

Эдвард Сноуден
Edward Snowden
Edward Snowden

Russian law enforcement authorities may detain former CIA employee Edward Snowden to establish the circumstances of his arrival in Russia, including passport details, a well-informed source told Interfax.

"Various scenarios are being considered for law enforcers, including Interpol. One of the options is the detention of the American to check the validity of his passport," the source said.

"It is necessary to verify U.S. reports on the invalidation of his passport," the source said.

"This is the reason why he may be detained briefly for taking special measures if he crosses the Russian border," he said.

"Besides, it is necessary to verify reports on the issuing of a political immigrant ID for the former CIA employee by Ecuadorian authorities," the source said.

Today's Moscow-Havana flight has finished boarding, Snowden is not on board

Today’s Moscow-Havana flight has finished boarding. The RIA news agency reports that Edward Snowden is not on the plane and the whistleblower was not on the list of passengers.

"Edward Snowden is not onboard the aircraft. He's not on the lists of passengers either," said the source.

Formally, Edward Snowden did not cross the Russian border that means that he is in the Moscow Sheremetyevo airport transit zone for the third day.

“Probably, he has not decided yet where to go,” said the security officer of the airport.

Voice of Russia, RIA, Interfax

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