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On D-Day do not forget the Great Patriotic War

On D-Day do not forget the Great Patriotic War

When French President Francois Hollande invited President Vladimir Putin to take part in the 70th Anniversary D-Day Celebrations he stated: "We can have different views. But I didn't forget and will never forget that the Russian people lost millions of lives in World War II." The President of France must be commended for not forgetting, he is obviously one of the few western leaders who has not forgotten the lessons of history and one who is pragmatic and who connection with reality does not change with the perpetual political winds of change.

Against the backdrop of the events in Ukraine, where the West and its agents have unleashed Nazi and fascist forces bent on the destruction of Russians, the "Moskali" and anyone they can demonize as "pro-Russian", watching the West celebrate D-Day while at the same supporting Nazis in Kiev and ignoring war crimes being committed by fascists in Ukraine, one is left with the a sickening feeling and a lingering unease that something is completely and utterly wrong here.

Just yesterday, on the eve of D-Day 8,700 refugees fled the punitive military operations being waged on the populations in eastern Ukraine by the fascist junta who has vowed to clear out the east and found refuge in Russia. Yes, 8,700 women and children and innocent civilians fleeing those who would follow Nazi ideology and who are bent on nothing less than their total and complete annihilation. Their crime? Being in regions that are against the junta in Kiev. According to Pavel Astakhov, the Russian President’s Children’s Rights Ombudsman, some of the refugees recounted how a small boy was shot to death for wearing a St. George’s Ribbon.

The West however has suddenly become blind to Nazis, refugees, war crimes, democracy and the rights of people’s to self-determination, not to mention the UN Charter, the Geneva Conventions and the Rome Statutes. Not even the International Red Cross is admitting that there is a humanitarian disaster taking place in eastern Ukraine.

The US/NATO/EU through its nefarious instruments and organizations and with conscience knowledge of what it was doing brought about an armed coup d’état in Kiev and installed a puppet regime to bring about its geopolitical objectives. That illegal fascist junta has not conducted a mockery of what is being passed for as presidential elections and elected an oligarch sympathetic to their cause who continues to "clear the east" and will fast track Ukraine into allowing NATO to place its war machinery on Russia’s border.

I can try to be politically correct and diplomatic as some of our officials are at times when they refer to these monsters as "partners" and "colleagues" but my readers know that is not my style, and labeling such amoral murderous madmen and hypocrites as such is demeaning to the memory of everyone who died as a result of or fighting the first Nazi scourge. So how dare they celebrate a victory in a war that they only assisted in winning? How dare they blame Russia for unleashing Nazis in Ukraine and destabilizing the country because the people said no to NATO and an EU agreement? How dare they? Dare they may.

The West has completely forgotten the lessons that should have been learned from World War II and as it celebrates the landing at Normandy this is an incredibly sad development. Once again Russia is left to fight a fascist scourge.

The Great Patriotic War

Last February, when US propaganda outlet CNN, desecrated a great monument to the Great Patriotic War I wrote an article which is still being cited today in article written by a writer who is doing her utmost to demonize Russia and President Putin. In it I wrote about the real events of WWII, without the propaganda revisionism that is evident in the western educational system. I would like to share that with you once again because it is more than topical today.

Previous article by Robles: "… the American educational system and the US media promotes myths, institutionally implements omissions and spreads falsehoods about the Great Patriotic War, known in the West as World War II."

"To hide US collusion with the Nazis, even after the war when over 40,000 of them were given refuge in the US, and to glorify their own small effort in the war, Americans and many countries in the West are taught and continue to believe that it was the US and its "allies" that won World War II on the Western Front. Nowhere do American historical textbooks (and if I am wrong and some have been updated please e-mail me) fairly portray the effort of the USSR in winning the war on the Eastern Front. For it was won on the Eastern Front, the West's D-Day was for all intents and purposes a mopping up operation on the Western Front and mere support for the Soviet Forces."

"The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) lost more than 28 million people in their heroic effort to rid the world of the Nazi [sic] scourge and blood flowed all over its territory. In contrast the US lost about 400 thousand which is about how many Italy lost and less than half of what Yugoslavia lost but is still worthy of mentioning, but to say they won the war is an egregious lie and historical revisionism. Of which the US is clearly unapologetically guilty but which follows the endemic US belief that for some reason their lives are worth more than the lives of others. This belief is founded on their own exceptionalism, the genocidal nature of the basis of the "American" state, their endemic racism and their long history of enslavement and exploitation of other peoples."

"… for Americans war is an abstraction, something that happens to others, in faraway lands and to strange and "foreign" people. And this fact can be no more clearer than the American outcry when "American boys" start coming home in body bags or beautifully flag covered coffins. Rarely if ever is there an outcry if some poor Afghan family is droned into oblivion, this on the other hand is seen as normal."

"Americans have never faced and enemy on "their" territory (other than fighting the French, English and Spanish for stolen Indian lands) and they have never seen their cities destroyed, or their neighbors butchered, or their daughters raped, or their people slaughtered. Blood has never flown on their territory as it did in Belarus and Russia and all of Europe and as it is flowing in…"Ukraine.

President Putin attending Ceremonies

President Vladimir Putin will attend a ceremony later today commemorating the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings in Normandy. On June 3rd in Sochi, ahead of his visit to France, President Putin gave an interview to Radio Europe 1 and the TF1 TV channel. In it the President once again laid out the reality of the situation in Ukraine for the information ally challenged western audiences.

President Putin

President Putin did not call the Right Sector and the fascists who were brought to power Nazis, and like a true statesman he deferred to the organizers as "friends", but what he says must be repeated because in his words lies the truth, and the truth is that Russia has had nothing to do with what has occurred in Ukraine nor with what is happening there today. Russia is faced with an unprecedented attack on its security and a historic campaign of demonization as well as sanctions while once again faced with the task of fighting fascists. I am confident: Russia beat the Nazis once, Russia will beat them again.

"There was a conflict and that conflict arose because the former Ukrainian president refused to sign an association agreement with the EU…. We discussed this with our European partners. Instead of continuing the debates by legitimate and diplomatic means, our European friends and our friends from the United States supported the anti-constitutional armed coup. This is what happened. We did not cause this crisis to happen. We were against this course of events."

"The point is no one should be brought to power through an armed anti-constitutional coup, and this is especially true in post-Soviet space where government institutions are not fully mature. When it happened some people accepted the regime and were happy about it while other people, say, in eastern and southern Ukraine just won’t accept it. And it is vital to talk with the people who didn’t accept this change of power instead of sending tanks, as you said yourself, instead of firing missiles at civilians from the air and bombing non-military targets."

President Putin answered about false claims of Russian troops and advisors: "Proof? Why don’t they show it? The entire world remembers the US Secretary of State demonstrating the evidence of Iraq's weapons of mass destruction, waving around some test tube with washing powder in the UN Security Council. Eventually, the US troops invaded Iraq, Saddam Hussein was hanged and later it turned out there had never been any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. You know, it's one thing to say things and another to actually have evidence. I will tell you again: no Russian troops… There are no armed forces, no Russian 'instructors' in southeastern Ukraine and, there never were any."

President Putin also said: that Russia had never "annexed Ukraine"; that the Ukrainian government must now sit down and talk with their own people instead of using weapons, tanks, planes and helicopters; that joining [NATO] would cause a partial loss of sovereignty; that if Ukraine joins NATO, NATO's infrastructure will move directly towards the Russian border, which cannot leave us indifferent; that it is a delusion that Russian troops annexed Crimea; that under Article 1 of the UN Charter the Crimean people held a referendum and that in accordance with the expression of the will of people who live there, Crimea is now part of the Russian Federation and its constituent entity.

On US foreign policy: "Speaking of US policy, it's clear that the United States is pursuing the most aggressive and toughest policy to defend their own interests – at least, this is how the American leaders see it – and they do it persistently. There are basically no Russian troops abroad while US troops are everywhere. There are US military bases everywhere around the world and they are always involved in the fates of other countries even though they are thousands of kilometers away from US borders. So it is ironic that our US partners accuse us of breaching some of these rules."

A good friend of mine Michael John Smith, the last person convicted of spying for the Soviet Union in the World, and someone who is especially outraged by the support by the West of Nazis in Ukraine was kind enough to give his views on the twisting of history by the West when it comes to World War II.

Robles: Given the current situation in Ukraine and the fact that the Nazi junta is currently engaged in punitive military operations against the civilian population in what has been called by the "elected" president Petr Poroshenko an operation to "clear the eastern regions" and the continued demonization of Russia by the West, which is forced to deal with a real threat to its security and its people from western backed fascists, what is your impression of the D-Day celebrations currently under way in Normandy?

Smith: "Throughout the era following the Second World War it has always been presented through the media in the UK that the D-Day landings of June 6th 1944 were the start of the downfall of the Nazi regime. Children are taught at school that without the allied invasion of Normandy then Hitler would not have been defeated."

"Nobody will deny the heroic way in which American, British and other allied troops bravely fought their way off the Normandy beaches and battled against the Nazis as part of the Western Front. But that Western Front was in the planning stage for an awful long time, and those populations in countries occupied by Nazi troops were desperate to see an end to the war, and they had to wait many months for the allied forces to decide when to make their move. Some sceptics at the time even believed that the British and the Americans were waiting for Hitler to defeat the Soviet Union before they would make a move and open up a Western Front!"

"Because the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings is happening at this time, it concentrates our minds on their significance. One point that stands out as a distortion of history is that, whatever the significance of battles on the Western Front, it was really on the Eastern Front where the major part of the Second World War was won. Would any genuine military historian really concentrate all this attention on D-Day, when the facts tell us that millions more were fighting hundreds of miles away on the Eastern Front, and that it was the Soviet Army that defeated Hitler and the scourge of Nazism in Europe?"

"True history is telling what actually happened, and not some fiction that provides Hollywood with such blockbusters as Saving Private Ryan or The Longest Day, but then the USA always glorifies war as a beneficial experience. Perhaps it is considered more patriotic for a US audience to show Americans fighting Germans, when the real bloodbath had occurred among the Russian population facing the Nazi Blitzkrieg."

"What this D-Day celebration should be telling us is that we will never again accept fascist parties running countries around the world. This is something most normal people would support. However, we see those same Nazi style elements emerging and taking over in Ukraine in 2014, and the USA and other western governments praising them as democratic groups that should be encouraged. How dare these western governments lie to us about the true nature of the neo Nazi threat, festering away in modern Europe? Have our leaders, particularly Obama and Cameron, learned nothing from previous wars?"

"Instead of blaming Russia and President Putin for the troubles in Ukraine, the western powers assembled to celebrate D-Day should be turning their attention to promoting world peace and working together to stop a growing civil war in Ukraine. How can world leaders celebrate D-Day, 70 years ago, and yet turn a blind eye to the suffering of innocent civilians today in the heart of Europe?"


The Eastern Front: The Great Patriotic War

Given the record keeping of the day it is difficult to give an exact number of those killed on what is called the "Eastern Front" by the West and the Great Patriotic War by the USSR and Russia, but of the estimated up to 80 million deaths caused by the war between 28 to 40 million of those who perished were Russians and citizens of the USSR who died on the "Eastern Front". The war was fought between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union, considered to be the principal belligerent powers.

Although no forces from the United Kingdom or the United States fought on the Eastern Front, they did provide material aid to the USSR in what was called a Lend-Lease Policy yet they failed to meet the specific quotas that had been agreed on. Some say this is due to the secret desire for Nazi Germany to defeat the USSR.

The war waged on for years and when Nazi Germany was almost defeated and the Soviet Union was moving closer to Berlin, the West engaged in a race to Berlin, afraid that Germany would become Soviet Territory. There are many who say that D-Day was very late in coming and that the allies were intentionally holding off to see if Hitler would defeat the USSR, but regardless there were brave men who died there and they did help in ending the war. But the fact is that the battles on the Eastern Front were what constituted the largest military confrontation in history and without which, as many in the US love to say, Europe would be speaking German.

The largest part of the Holocaust took place on the Eastern Front as well, where almost all of the concentration camps and ghettos were located. Almost all of the pogroms, death marches and mass deportations also took place here. The front also saw the most brutal fighting and the largest losses of life due to combat but also because of starvation, exposure, disease, and massacres.

The Great Patriotic War won WWII and resulted in the destruction of the Third Reich and an end to Nazi Germany’s ambition to clear Russia of its people for Lebensraum, in what I would call the Second Holocaust, the elimination of the Slavs. Let us not forget history even as it is being repeated today in what many are now chillingly calling Banderstan, where its government is trying to clear the eastern regions as collective punishment for being against their junta.

How dare the West let Nazis loose in Europe again, in a campaign against Russia! How dare the West blame Russia for anything that has happened in Ukraine when the evidence only shows they are at fault. How dare the West pretend that the Right Sector and Svoboda and the Banderavites under Yarosh are anything other than what they really are, Nazis and fascists. How dare the West claim victory in a war that Russia lost perhaps more than 100 people for every 1 the West lost.

Russia beat the Nazis once, Russia will do so again.

The opinions and views expressed here are my own. I can be reached at robles@ruvr.ru.

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