2 June 2014, 10:51

The Russo-Ukrainian gas war is about to get hot

The Russo-Ukrainian gas war is about to get hot

If no agreement is reached during today's trilateral talks between Russia, EU and Ukraine, it is very likely that on Tuesday morning we will witness the beginning of a new “gas war” that will threaten the gas supply from Russia to Europe.

The one aspect that is being avoided by European mainstream media is the blatantly unfair and illegal strategy adopted by the Ukrainian government. Basically, Kiev is holding the whole of Europe hostage to its desire to get a serious discount from Russia in order to save its ailing economy. According to sources from Ukrainian government, this “negotiation strategy” was designed by the US ambassador to Kiev, Jeffrey Payett who is the de facto president of the country, given that, Petro Poroshenko, an unscrupulous oligarch and a former economy minister under Yanukovich, is a mere puppet of the US State Department.

The European Commission rightly fears that if Russia will cut its supplies to Ukraine because it refuses to pay its bills, Kiev will resort to stealing the gas that is being transited from Russia to the European Union. Under normal circumstances, any country or government that uses theft of property as a tool in a commercial dispute will be shunned, ostracized and slapped with sanctions. However, because Bruxelles chose to use its propaganda machine to make the junta that overthrew a legitimate government in Kiev look like heroes, the European Commission can't use its powers and influence to force Ukraine to behave in a civilized manner. The fact that the outgoing Commission President Barroso laid the blame for the crisis squarely on Gazprom's shoulders is the proof that the truth is the first victim of political expediency.

Russia has shown tremendous restraint and goodwill in this crisis and is desperately trying to defuse it, avoiding the necessity to cut the supplies to Kiev and jeopardize the transit to Europe. If Gazprom wanted to, it could have cut the supplies to Ukraine months ago, when the junta failed to pay its bills November, December, January and February. At the same time, it would be foolish to expect that Moscow will give a significant discount to Kiev in order to appease the European politicians who will not appreciate the goodwill and will claim that Russia is “aggressive, imperialistic and evil” even if Moscow agrees to supply gas for free. The European Union and the US share the responsibility for bringing the bloodthirsty and Russophobic regime of Petro Poroshenko to power and now both Washington and Bruxelles want Gazprom to subsidize it. It won't happen. The European Union must give up this idea and force Kiev to stop using the money it got from the IMF for financing military operations against their own people and pay its gas bills. This decision should be taken quickly, because if the situation is not solved in the nearest future, Europe will freeze in winter because the European gas storage facilities have to be filled now, not when the cold strikes.

The European public should know what type of people and what kind of mentality their diplomats, alongside with their American counterparts, have been nurturing in Ukraine. This quote from an Ukrainian social network user says it all:

I don't understand why the EU hasn't solved our gas problems yet? We've stood for the EU on the Maidan. Are they going to cheat on us? If so, than we'll take the gas headed to Europe by force! Straight from the pipeline we will pump it into our storage. This will be fair, at least. Members of the European Parliament, all of them, came to Maidan and promised us the moon but when it comes to delivering real help to the country that made its democratic choice, no one is doing it. Hell no! The European Union will help us whether it wants it or not!”

The choice for Europe is simple. It either forces Ukraine to live according to the European rules and quit hoping that Europe will pay their way to prosperity, or it will have to pay through its nose for the ambitions of a very poor country with 45 million of people who would gladly saddle the European budget with their expenses.

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