30 April 2014, 21:44

Another US fail: sanctions on Russia backfiring

Another US fail: sanctions on Russia backfiring

The US geopolitical strategies of: isolation; "projecting US power by force"; destabilization; economic manipulation (sanctions); regime change; military expansion through the use of surrogate countries surreptitiously annexed by NATO; the continued demonization and attempted "isolation" of Russia through the use of the old and tired Cold War bogeyman and the current onslaught of anti-Russian propaganda, lies and reverse blame, are all backfiring on the increasingly aggressive, irrational and dangerous war hungry Washington planners.

For over two decades, with a marked acceleration after September 11, 2001, the world stood witness to the tragic effects, devastation and huge loss of life that the US inflicted on the Middle East, the only outcomes of barbaric US geopolitical strategies and policies.

Whether designed to spread US hegemony, do the bidding of Israel or Saudi, ensure the continued profits of the US military industrial complex, establish more US/NATO military outposts, steal the natural resources or more likely all of the above, the US/NATO invasions of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and almost of Syria were unprovoked acts of aggressive war which are crimes against peace and crimes against humanity under international law.

In the same way that the world and the "international community" turned a blind eye to the rise of nazi [sic] Germany (and on a smaller scale the rise of nazis to power in Ukraine with the assistance of the US/NATO) the world has allowed all of the crimes committed by the US in their global war of domination to go unanswered. Whether out of self-interest (NATO members are accessories), cowardice or blackmail, this refusal to take measures against the out of control "sole superpower" amounts to nothing more than passive (if not active) collusion which has emboldened the US/NATO to the point where they are pushing the world to the brink of World War III.

Russia, China and the US "pivot" to Asia: the final solution for US hegemony

Due to more principled individuals in the West, like General Wesley Clark, we know that they US is in the business of destroying countries. We also know, thanks to the publicity hungry PNAC, Brezhinsky, CIA Front USAID and whistleblowers like Edward Snowden, that the US is bent on global domination and will do anything and everything to advance their own "national interests", this is not a secret. The plan by Zbignew Brezhinsky (a madman who is still running US foreign policy) to break up Russia into 68 autonomous regions and US/NATO plans to surround Russia and China with their missile shield elements, which is in reality part of a nuclear first-strike system, is also not a secret. The "tool", Prompt Global Strike, is an illegal system designed by the most perfidious groups of cowards in history to allow the "West" to carry out a nuclear first strike on Russia and China and anyone else they please without the threat of a retaliatory strike.

In their desperation, as their economies are on the brink of collapse and over-extended having been taken over by the military industrial complex, the US/NATO and its client states (allies), have decided to carry out a “pivot” into Asia and put into play plans to divide, weaken and then take out Russia and China. That is why Ukraine is crucial and why Russia has announced this as a "red-line". Will the US/NATO listen? Obviously not when madmen like Brezhinky are allowed to continue to work in the shadows.

However, living in their alternative Washington suburban universe where they have obviously been brainwashed themselves by Hollywood portrayals of US exceptionalism and unstoppable military might, the Washington planners continue to shoot themselves in the foot and obtusely refuse to learn from their own mistakes. But then again why should they? After all the have the US populace on "lockdown" and it is the poor taxpayers who are footing the bill and paying with their lives.


The US-organized-nazi-assisted-violent-coup in Ukraine and the installation of a puppet government is failing. US/NATO/CIA blinded by their own ignorance and self-righteous pathological belief in their own exceptionalism, have once again, ignorantly and like the mindless brute they are, miscalculated and misunderstood the human factor. For this they owe the people of Ukraine an apology and restitution and in a sane world, would have to answer for the attempted destruction of Ukraine.

You might argue that the US has succeeded in Ukraine. I would beg to differ. The US is a dangerous murderous global failure and the failures in the Middle East are in very little way different from the failure taking place in Ukraine and based on the same simple fact that they simple do not understand the peoples of the countries they invade, annex and destabilize with their operations.

Puppet Fail

Sure Ukraine is destabilized, nazis are once again in power in Europe and the US cherry picked puppets are in power, with even the Right Sector’s nazi puppet boy Yarosh running for president, but they will not be there for long. The logical result of the coup, if the country is not pushed into endless civil war and anarchy, will be for the Right Sector to be locked up, banned forever and all of the US/NATO/USAID/CIA tools also expelled like a disgusting hairball out of Ukraine forever.

Black Sea Fail

Thanks to the peaceful citizens of Crimea, the major US/NATO fail occurred with regard to Crimea. US/NATO wanted to expel the Black Sea Fleet, establish US/NATO bases in the territory and control the Black Sea, in effect expelling Russia from the region. Despite the fact that the planners in Washington, who obviously spend too much time playing war with little armies on maps of the globe, decided (like they did for the Ukrainian people) that the territory would be theirs no matter what, their planned viciously backfired, and the people (the PEOPLE) of Crimea decided to reunite with Russia.

Sanctions/Asia/Major Fails

When the US first "imposed sanctions" on Russia, Russian officials reacted in a completely unified manner and unanimously scoffed the US chest pounding "sanctions". They did so for good reason and just like all previous warnings to the US on everything from Vietnam to Afghanistan fell on deaf suburban Virginia/Washington ears so have the warnings by Russian officials, experts, politicians and the like, that sanctions will backfire. And oh how beautifully they are backfiring. It does my heart good!

We have seen Eurasian integration plans take more urgency, Russia preparing to offer an alternative to Visa and Mastercard and more unity than ever between countries seeking to maintain their sovereignty and independent foreign policies not under the influence of the US bloc.

President Putin

The Eurasian Economic Union, which the US/EU hoped to put an end to was given even more impetus after the US adventure in Ukraine. The level of unity between the partners in the upcoming bloc would not be so high if it were not for US sanctions.

President Vladimir Putin stated that US and EU sanctions against Russia over the Ukrainian crisis cannot affect Eurasian integration.

They can’t have any impact [on Eurasian integration] as this issue concerns only the countries that are involved in this integration, Putin told reporters after a summit of the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council in the Belarusian capital.

Foreign Minister Lavrov

Moscow repudiates US and EU sanctions on Russia over the Ukrainian standoff and calls for national reconciliation in Ukraine through all-inclusive political dialogue, Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Tuesday, RIA Novosti reports.

"We denounce sanctions in all their forms, including those that have been announced by the United States and the EU against all common sense due to events in Ukraine," said Lavrov during talks with Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla in Havana.

"We insist on immediate resolution [of the crisis in Ukraine] through all-Ukrainian national dialogue," Lavrov said.

Cuban Leadership

The leadership of Cuba supports the position of the Russian Federation in connection with the situation in Ukraine and opposes double standards and sanctions, states the Russian Foreign Ministry after the visit of Sergei Lavrov to this country.

Russian Foreign Minister met with the Chairman of the State Council and the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Cuba, Raul Castro, and held talks with Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez. In addition, he had an informal conversation with the leader of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro.

"The parties stressed the complete convergence of approaches in regard to strengthening multilateralism in world affairs, multipolarity and mutual respect," added the ministry.

President of Nicaragua Ortega

In a meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov the President of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega said the following: "It is absolutely clear that the position of the US and EU with sanctions and pressure is the wrong way," said Ortega. "A peaceful solution is needed with the respect of international law. Only this way can save the humanity, because it threatened".

"Sanctions only lead to greater instability and lesser security throughout the region and around the world," said Ortega.

Speaker Matvienko

In the words of Valentina Mitvienko, the speaker of the Federation Council, sanctions against Russia "will not have any serious influence on our economy. What the West can be thanked for is that they consolidate Russian society more and more by such actions.

"As regards sanctions as pressure upon Russia designed to make it change its foreign policy, this is totally unacceptable with any sovereign state in the world, especially with such a powerful and influential state as Russia that plays a huge role in the global politics and economy," she stressed.

Presidential Aide Fursenko

Sanctions against Russia are a dead-end policy but it stimulates the country to revise its priorities, Andrei Fursenko told Rossiya 24 channel Tuesday.

"This atmosphere, these sanctions attempted to be imposed are a unique opportunity for us to revise the situation as a whole, to reconsider our priorities at some point, to understand that we have to think about our development prospects in the first place, counting on our own abilities, and consider how it can be ideally arranged," Fursenko said.


So the US has once again made themselves weaker at the cost of billions to US taxpayers and helped to make Russia and its partners stronger, more resolved and more united than ever. Which is wonderful except that when madmen such as Brezhinsky finally see that they are facing imminent demise they will become dangerous and unpredictable, and we must not forget, Russia never asked for this. Russia had been doggedly trying to maintain normal relations with the US since the end of the cold war. Unfortunately some in Washington will just not let go.

The opinions and views expressed here are my own. I can be reached at robles@ruvr.ru.

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