9 March 2014, 15:06

Belgium lifts ban on children euthanasia despite its nation's pleadings not to

Belgium lifts ban on children euthanasia despite its nation's pleadings not to

Belgium has lifted all age restrictions on euthanasia. According to the public opinion poll, 75 per cent of the Belgians support the right to die, or euthanasia. However, the above-mentioned thorny decision has caused numerous commentaries in the world. 

Russian officials have come up with a proposal to ban child adoption by citizens of countries where child euthanasia is permissible.

After the law on child euthanasia passed through all instances in Belgium, it was finally approved by King Philippe of Belgium, the father of four children. The new law was under consideration for four months, and now Belgium has become the first country in the world where age restrictions on euthanasia are non-existent. There’s no doubt that the Belgians wanted everything to be done in the best way possible. And what has come out of it? We want to offer you some commentaries, President of the National Foundation for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (Moscow) Alexander Spivak says.

“It seems to me that the developers were guided by humanistic considerations. However, the right to euthanasia is a thorny issue. And as it appears, our colleagues are crossing the line, which has nothing to do with humanism.”

Euthanasia is allowed for incurably ill children staying on the verge of death and experiencing an unbearable physical pain all the time. Euthanasia is allowed only with the permission of children’s parents, doctors and psychiatrists . Russian MPs have proposed to put a ban on child adoption by citizens of countries where the euthanasia of underage children is allowed. A lawyer, Larisa Pavlova, the Chairwoman of the board of Directors of the Parents Committee (a public organization) shares the opinion of the Russian MPs.

“It is high time that we not only make friends but also appreciate the condition of the society we plan to contact with. Therefore, we can say that the society which officially favours murdering of children is unhealthy.”

The most vehement opponents of euthanasia are religious figures. According to the Christian doctrine, people have no right to decide their own fate even if it is full of suffering, President of the Pro-Life Action League Dries Goethals says.

Western countries have been positioning themselves, for several centuries now, as secular states – that is why officials often do not take the believers’ opinion into account. However, there are also legal acts, not only the Holy Scripture, Larisa Pavlova says.

“In a civilized society we must be guided by common sense, religious values and human rights. In a secular society officials must proceed from the Convention on Human Rights, according to which the right to life is the main human value.”

Earlier euthanasia was allowed only in Holland but even there euthanasia is legal only for children over 12. Today euthanasia for adults, in different forms and with certain restrictions, is allowed in Luxembourg, Switzerland, Colombia, and Japan, and also in Oregon, Vermont and Washington in the US.


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