26 February 2014, 18:38

Ukraine turmoil: let Ukrainians who started this revolution bring it to an end- expert

Ukraine turmoil: let Ukrainians who started this revolution bring it to an end- expert

Seemingly unstoppable commotion in Kiev, Ukraine has left the country’s stability shaken at best but one expert reassures that Ukrainians who started this revolution need to be allowed to bring it to an end. International relations expert and co-founder of the Observatory of the Black, Gulf and Mediterranean Seas Dr. Yana Korobko told the Voice of Russia in an interview that only Ukrainians can achieve this on their own as ally and neighboring countries should not intervene with its transition from utter disparity to pure democracy.

Days keep on passing and with each new one brings a fresh set of challenges and revelations in Ukraine. After the country exploded into chaos when downtown Kiev transformed from city center to a violent zone some may call comparable to war-conflicted regions of Syria, nations watched on with worry over the destruction that spilled across the Ukrainian capital.

“We can see a crisis because the system that existed before cannot answer properly to the modern challenges that it’s facing,” Dr. Yana Korobko, an expert in international relations said. However bloody and grim the crisis situation has come to be, the violence has subsided. It seems so that some battles were won by each side but in the end, the victory has been handed over to the Ukrainians who fought against the government’s crafty ways and reportedly corrupt behavior.

Yet, with lives lost and the political forecast of the country in dense fog, it is hard to make confident predictions on what is to come for the Eastern European nation. This time though, the people have spoken with more than just empty words, but powerful actions to take back the country that at a time, felt like it owned them and not vice versa. “When people get something very easily, they depreciate it soon with the time,” Dr. Korobko explained and then continued on, “However when you get something which is very costly for you, you always remember the price you paid for it.”

Ukrainians have paid a steep price already, with lives lost, casualties counted, and uncontrollable emotions captured in videos and snapshots. “Let us see the evolution of these positive political changes in Ukraine so that we could talk about definite whether it was worth fighting for or not,” Dr. Korobko made clear to the Voice of Russia. The evolution of the Ukraine is definitely underway though it is far too soon to pinpoint if the price they have paid was worth what is to arrive to them in the future.

In the past, it is believed that an ordinary Ukrainian had no way of climbing up the career ladder or advancing their business as all the possible opportunities were occupied by the government elite. Ever since ousted president Victor Yanukovych went into hiding and is still nowhere to be found, a sense of hope for a new page in Ukraine’s history has swept through the nation. New politicians are stepping forward to manage the country while it transitions into a different path.

Residents of the nation still hold a grand amount of concern over who will govern the country in a desirable manner. Former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko is a person of interest through this transitional stage and even though she claims to not want the role as prime minister of Ukraine, it is suggested that she will still be involved in the political sector to some respect.

“Yulia Tymoshenko is a real political animal. She’s pro-agitation in her spirit, therefore she would come back to politics, she will be in it,” Dr. Korobko said. The dismantling of the government leadership positions has left spots up for the taking with fresh power ready to take a jab at creating policies and initiatives that Ukrainians all but dreamed about in the past. Those illusions can now become a reality step by step, with an overwhelmingly majority of the nation aiming for change and progress like never before.

No magic bullet exists to take Ukraine from broken to booming overnight yet there are a few keys that will unlock the door to a future full of prospects which are a common goal, European future, and democracy according to Dr. Korobko’s analysis on how this country can attain unification.

The center of Ukraine has calmed down comparing to the state it was in just a week ago. The atmosphere is described as feelings of free spirit rushing into the streets with strangers greeting one another. While people rejoice over the coming change that has flooded the region with what seems like an infinite amount of possibilities for future endeavors, it is important to not let money get the best of those who are celebrating their victory.

“Money has already spoiled so much,” the international relations expert said, “It has already been artificial unity so far.” This time around Ukrainians want the real deal, an authentic for of unity that will not dissolve as time passes for the illusion it is— they crave close unification that can stand the test of time and hardship and not tear them apart.

As the world watches on in wonder over the events emerging from the nation, only allowing days and weeks to pass on will global leaders understand who will be the next elected president of Ukraine, what policies may be changed or introduced into the nation as well as how supportive the country’s own people will be toward the transition by and large. “If Ukraine wants the goals of the Ukrainian revolution to come true, it should not allow the intervention neither of the United States, nor of Russia, nor of the European Union,” Dr. Korobko advised.

Ukraine has certainly showed how urgent it wants to change through the people’s most recent actions, so other nations should watch the transition take place and not interrupt the process in a coercive manner. Politics, problems, and predictions aside Ukraine’s new chapter has arrived and looks like it is here to stay for good.

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