9-11 was an inside job – Christine Sands

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The Occupy Movement was poorly organized and had too many causes which fractured it and caused it fall apart. In the spring of 2014 there are plans for a revival of the Occupy Movement and according to one of the organizers of the Anonymous Million Mask March, Christine Ann Sands, the focus needs to be on the root of all of the evil and the heart of the corruption, namely the corporate bankers who control the media, the government and are promoting and getting rich off of the endless wars that the US has been waging. 

Anon Mobile

According to Ms. Sands the people are beginning to wake up and realize that, no matter how horrible the realization is, 9-11 was an inside job and those responsible must be brought to justice.

Hello, this is John Robles. I am speaking with Ms. Christine Ann Sands. She is the manager and domain owner of www.MillionMaskMarch.org and a supporter of the Anonymous hacktivist collective, the Occupy movement, WikiLeaks, and the Pirate Party.

Robles: Hello, Christine. How are you this afternoon or evening over there?

Sands: Hi, John. I’m very well, thank you. How are you?

Robles: I’m pretty good, nice to be speaking with you. Can you give our listeners an update about what is going on with Anonymous, with you, with the Anon Mobile, with WikiLeaks? I understand you are down there in Nashville.

Sands: Yes, that is right. I’m in Nashville. I’ve been here since about Thanksgiving. And I’ll be here until the end of March and my plan is to then go back up to Washington DC and become part of the Occupy DC movement.

Robles: When are they planning to occupy DC again?

Sands: There are a lot of pages popping up on Facebook now and on the Internet.

So, some say May, 1st, other say 4-4-14, so my plan is to get there in the beginning of April and to go with the 4-4-14.

Now this one in particular which was a Facebook page Occupy DC was forwarded to me by a member of Anonymous and they say that they are not associated with any groups or organizations because we don’t want it to be just one group, or one association that says they are doing it.

I mean, occupying DC will have to be a collective action by a lot of people like Oath Keepers and Anonymous and Occupy and all sorts of activists.

Robles: What differences do you think are going to be implemented in the Occupy movement if there is to be a revival? What mistakes were made the first time around?

Sands: In my view the first thing is to get the timing right. You have got to do this early enough in the spring, so I think that is going to be really good.

We have a lot of people coming out on November, 5 for the Million Mask March, one great day for Anonymous.

That is not really the time to look at an occupation because it is right before the winter. So coming out in spring is good.

And I believe that an occupation takes momentum. So there is definitely been a buildup of concern in mainstream America as 75% of Americans don’t trust the government, now with the Snowden revelations….

I mean, this is a growing movement, there is a buildup, the time is right, the season is ready.

So, in terms of some of the mistakes, now you can just look at it as growing pains more than mistakes in my view, you know, so...

Robles: Some people say that the occupiers were kind of lackadaisical, I mean in their attitude, “oh let’s sit up in library, let’s sit around and talk about peace and stuff”’.

Sands: Well, I can tell you that: I was part of the Occupy Los Angeles movement and there was a guy named Mario Britto. He was big with the Unions. Eventually he got ousted by the movement.

So when I was there some people would just accuse it of being a bunch of homeless and hippies. And it is true that you can’t have just a bunch of homeless hippies there saying something is going to happen, it is going to take something like what happened on the streets of Egypt with its over 30 million, or Brazil, or Turkey, or Spain. It is going to take millions of people out on the streets.

So, I think the last time we spoke I mentioned how I believed that the people on the streets of Washington DC were just numb. An example of the numbness was the young man in Tunisia who burned himself alive in protest and that is what some contribute the beginning of the Arab Spring to.

We just had that in DC when government shut down and it never made the news practically. So the people… the people are numb.

But I think that if we can get the word out and make it one place, you can’t be scattered . It is nice to have Anonymous day November, 5 where there are over 450 locations, and those are growing and building, that is nice. But if you are going to have a change I think in the states (the United States) that will have to be millions of people on the streets of Washington.

What will it take to get that to happen? Historically sometimes an activist will spark something and have no idea that something would take off as big or as great as it did. So we will see what happens.

Part of the Occupy Movement when I was in Los Angeles what I was seeing – there were so many causes and so many fronts that it seemed to dull the punch. You got to get in one place really hard, if you have a million causes and a million things and a million protest things, it just gets so unorganized because there is so much to do.

So if the people for example don’t like the private bankers, the Federal Reserve, the banksters: these guys that are running organized crime through the CIA controlling both political parties, then let’s do something about the Fed. Let’s start with that.

If we are going to occupy, let’s get together against one cause and say: okay, we are going to start with this, we are going to start with the same banksters who are quashing humanity through their wars for example.

Robles: You mentioned a lot of people who are very upset about NSA spying. Do you think that might be the straw that breaks the camel’s back and galvanizes people to stand up or?

Sands: I think that people are already upset but they don’t know what to do. They feel helpless.

So I think if everyone saw and they knew: “Ok, there is one thing we are going to do. We are going to go for the jugular vein of corruption in Washington DC. For the banksters.”

If we get together in one place which has got to be Washington DC and we get together at the poisonous head of snake, the banksters, making up these false wars on terror, then we are going to have a chance at this. But it is almost like there are all these charitable organizations, and they are standing around and just catching the blood of victims. That is all they are doing.

Why stand around and just catch the blood of victims, and all your charities will just end up being plutocracies anyway.

Why stand around, catching blood all day long on these different fronts when what is really needed doing is going after the murders, the banksters.

The quick analogy is anybody who has got a leaky tub doesn’t stand there all day long and catch the water. No, he goes and finds out where the leak is.

Well we have got to get to Washington DC, it does involve the federal reserve, it does involve the private bankers who control the corporations, who control the media, they have got the judges in their back pockets.

It is like George Carlin was saying when he talked about the American dream. So you have got to attack it at its source.

If people think they have the chance to attack corruption at its source and be motivated to come out, they will. But until we see a show of people, I think, on streets like they did in these other countries (Turkey and Spain, Egypt) I don’t know what is going to happen. Because there are a lot of people who are already know, there are 2,000 books that came out already about how they killed Kennedy.

In Nashville I spoke with the son of someone who was on original investigations committee for the assassination of Martin Luther King and someone who was appointed by the government on a committee and he was convinced it was an assassination: Martin Luther King.

So we have got to stop messing with all the symptoms and go after the banksters. In the same way that if we occupy and we go just with a hundred different causes instead of the root cause – the bansters, that is what I am saying: “We have to sharpen the point to penetrate.”

Robles: Can I ask you two questions? Are you doing anything about Keystone and what is your opinion of Obama on that issue?

Sands: First, yes, I just attended a rally here in Nashville on Monday. So I had my Anon Mobile, my 33 foot black RV with Anonymous and WikiLeaks on it and I pulled it right upon to the sidewalk of the federal building during that protest and of course I was surrounded and they were like “get this thing out of the sidewalk”.

Meanwhile I’m very calm, you know, they don’t bother me too much. And people in Nashville are talking about it.

I came in Nashville to inspire song writers to write more songs to rally the people, write more songs about saving the world and about fighting back and fighting corruption. Because the way that I look at it it is the same banksters that own the corporations and in the media, so we are not going to get the information from them.

Who do we have left? Who are we going to have to count on to get the information to the people or to rally that people, indeed the people who have following right? Movie stars, rock stars, sport stars, porn stars? Porn stars are not doing it, neither will the sport stars. Movie stars are not doing a great job. Rock stars, maybe the rock stars can rally the people like Bob Dylan to fight back.

Robles: Don’t you think a lot of the musicians and the rock stars like Bono, I mean they are pretty much just corporate spokespeople now?

Sands: I hear what you are saying. But as I’m in the music city, the capital of the world, and I’m here. I’m meeting a lot of activists, a lot of musicians and there are two parts to that story; one is that in order to get on the air, to get really promoted you are going to have to satisfy the sponsors and the sponsors are the same corporations that we know are owned by the banksters so they are not going to get anywhere with that. But I think that there are other bands that can have a following.

So I’m in here, in Nashville and part of my efforts in Nashville while I’m here; the Discovery Channel did contact me from the UK and said that they were interested in doing an episode on Anonymous, in preparation for November and the Million Mask March 2014.

And I have found some people in local Nashville that have also been contacted by the Discovery Channel saying Nashville is really hot right now, give us some story ideas.

So, we have a story idea about doing a reality show or a variety show that includes activists and we are putting an ad on Craig’s List saying we are rallying rock stars now to inspire people to take back our country. And why? Because they will have a following.

This is the information age, we are getting information out thanks to WikiLeaks. WikiLeaks has been at the forefront, you know, the pipe line. So people are aware of that. They are growing more aware of WikiLeaks, more aware of the Anonymous Movement.

They want to do something . They don’t like the government, they know it was a missile. They just feel like they are so scattered, they don’t know where to go, where to penetrate.

That is why I think that this Occupy DC is important. Because they can be in one place right there and Snowden was a great benefit to the US.

Sometimes it takes people a little while to for things to sink in. They have been of the mentality that it is ok to be spied on lock stock and barrel because it is protecting them. But then they realize no, that is not right.

Robles: Two things here, I don’t know if we could, I’d like you to comment on the fact that the NSA, I mean they are saying that they are protecting people from terrorism, but they have not stopped, prevented or dismantled any terrorist acts or operations, or organizations since they started the massive spying which was actually started sometime in about 1985. If you could comment on that. Then I’d like to ask you in more detail if you could tell us what is going on with Anonymous?

Sands: I remember the documentary where Aaron Russo was talking with Alex Jonesabout a meeting he had with Rockefeller, he mentioned how Rockefeller said they were going to create this event and that he was going to be something that they create and shortly after that 9-11 happened.

So this war on terror from the 9-11 event and now we are seeing and so many people know 9-11 was an inside job.

It sounds too unbelievable that people just couldn’t fathom it, couldn’t swallow it. But as years go by and they really see ‘wow, well, I guess there was a reason why we never saw the plane that hit the Pentagon. Because there never was a plane.

There was a reason we never saw plane wreckage. There never weas a plane.

It is taking time for people to wake up but they are seeing that. But in that documentary where Aaron Russo was talking to Alex Jones, he said it was all made up.

On the greatamericanrevolt.org website that I run there are some videos of Donald Rumsfeld Secretary of Defense saying there was no plane wreckage on the site. There is a CNN video saying there was no evidence of a plane having crashed anywhere near the Pentagon and there are a lot of other videos, former CIA agents saying and talking exactly how this false war on terror is just made up.

So we’ve been lied to and it seems just too intensely gross that is just not really believable.

You were listening to an interview with Christine Ann Sands. She is the manager and domain owner of millionmasks.org and a supporter of the Anonymous hacktivist collective, the Occupy movement, WikiLeaks, and the Pirate Party. Thank you very much for listening.